Connecticut Unemployment Rates Drops To 7%; Lowest In Five Years

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Connecticut’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in five years, falling to 7 percent in February, according to a statement Thursday from the Connecticut Department of Labor.

The unemployment rate dropped from 7.2 percent in January to 7 percent in February, the lowest unemployment rate since January 2009, the Connecticut Department of Labor said. The unemployment rate was 7.9 percent a year ago. 

“February’s job report seemed to confirm that weather was partly responsible for January’s sharp decline as we saw recovery in several of the industries that had stumbled,” said Andy Condon, director of the office of research at the labor department. “The continued decline in Connecticut’s unemployment rate, driven by growing household employment, signals that we continue on the path of job recovery.”

The national unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, and the difference is likely due to the margin of error in the state survey, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the federal agency that manages the data in this report.

The number of jobs in the state is up 10,300 compared with February 2013, a growth rate two and a half times slower than the nation’s job growth.

Connecticut has recovered 59,500 positions, or nearly half of the 119,100 jobs that were lost in the state in the March 2008 to February 2010 employment downturn in the recession. 

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Comments (13)

What a bunch of BULL!!!

a bit sad that the Press still doesnt understand how this "rate" is calculated, yet has a job telling others what it means. they're failing their readers.

folks, the 'rate' is going down in part because people are dropping OUT of the workforce and once they do, they're no longer counted in the denominator....fewer jobs, fewer tax the pie is shrinking.

....and the percentage of existing jobs to this smaller pie is slightly larger...creating a lower "rate" of UNemployment....

Further, the QUALITY of jobs is decreasing. Durable Goods mfg jobs "the source of nearly all high paying jobs, had the most job erosion." according to the Report.

so the pie is shrinking in size and quality.

not something to celebrate.

The press is reporting the facts... Unlike the right wingers who post lies and propaganda.

feel free to make your financial decisions based on the unemployment "rate"....

Would rather make my financial decisions on the facts of the rate than the propaganda of the right wingers.

"a fool and his money shall soon part..."

Too funny
Clinton was out of office for 8 years when the Republican Bush destroyed the economy

Let us not forget when the economy collapsed with had the Republicans running both Washington and CT.
Now the economy has recovered we have the Democrats running both Washington and CT.

You are correct.. The Republicans hate facts.

Excellent news.
The Democrats continue the repair the disasters created by the Republicans.

Yeah it's a bunch of people getting hired and taking salary cuts. Big win.

So how many jobs were created? 800.
which tells us that the participation rate dropped a lot more to lower the overall "rate"

in addition, the quality of the jobs is decreasing.....we LOST 4000 high paying jobs but gained a net 800 lower quality jobs. not sure this is such a great report:

"The jobs report for February also detailed which sectors are growing fastest, and which are shrinking. Durable goods manufacturing, the great majority of the state's manufacturing sector and the source of nearly all its high-paying jobs, had the most job erosion, with 4,000 fewer jobs than a year ago"