New Canaan's Goldenberry Celebrates Birth Of The Royal Baby

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Goldenberry in New Canaan, which specializes in items from the British Isles, has a cake and flowers out for the birth of the new royal baby, who is third in line to the throne.
Goldenberry in New Canaan, which specializes in items from the British Isles, has a cake and flowers out for the birth of the new royal baby, who is third in line to the throne. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

NEW CANAAN, Conn. — As the world celebrates the birth of the royal baby, Goldenberry in New Canaan has made preparations of its own for the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child.

“Everybody loves a bit of pomp and glamour in the world,” Deb Hecht, owner of the store, said of the royal family. She added that many, even in the U.S., are enamored of the royal family and the new parents because of their natural charm.

The shop’s preparations for the royal baby began in April, when it participated in the New Canaan Beautifcation League’s Tablescapes fundraiser by putting together a table featuring a blue cake and pink cake along with flowers and a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The store has since removed the pink cake and added more blue baby items now that Prince George Alexander Louis has arrived.

Hecht, who moved her store from Darien to New Canaan earlier this month, offers a wide array of teas, snacks, stationary and other items, including baby clothes and toys, mostly from the British Isles, though she has items made from local artisans and Germany. Much of her selection is exclusive to Goldenberry and is offered at affordable prices.

“I think it’s nice for someone to be able to walk out and feel happy about buying something at whatever the price point is,” she said.

After going to school and working in England, and developing a love of tea, Hecht wanted to make it easier for people to find tea. So she started Goldenberry in 1990. She has expanded her selection and has a wide customer base, from about 15 nearby towns, which includes natives of the British Isles who have moved to the area and people who visited the Isles and are looking for something they found there, she said. 

Goldenberry is at 149 Cherry St. in New Canaan. It is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can also contact the store by calling 203-972-5887 or by email at

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Comments (4)

I love Goldenberry. It is a small business that sells happiness. I have found loads of gorgeous ribbons there, gifts for babies and adults and luscious colored house decor that makes me happy every time I see it in my home. The owner is a wonderful person with an excellent eye for delightful and useful products. I loved their space in Darien and appreciate their stock even more in New Canaan where, in their new space, you can take in all of the amazing items for sale in a single room. You know, celebrating a baby is kind of wonderful and I toasted Prince George this week at Goldenberry with Orange Barley Water. It was a lovely touch. So, ho-hum to those who think such things are silly and Yay! to those who partake because, really, being happy and celebrating is a wonderful part of life. There will always be time to pay attention to bad news....

I don't know why people are knocking this new local (AND NOT A CHAIN) business for promoting the royal baby. It is a store that sells UK imports and caters to people from the UK. It's called target marketing. Why is it disgusting to celebrate the birth of a baby? If you don't care, then don't care. No need to be negative.

Why play into the media hype when there are so many more important issues in the world to report? I cannot believe all the coverage this event is getting. You have a nice store, but this display is disgusting.