WFSB Pulled From Cablevision Lineup In Fairfield

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Cablevision has pulled WFSB, the CBS affiliate in Connecticut, from its channel lineup in Fairfield County.
Cablevision has pulled WFSB, the CBS affiliate in Connecticut, from its channel lineup in Fairfield County. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Cable television viewers in Fairfield County who subscribe to Cablevision no longer have WFSB in their channel lineup. 

On Friday night, the CBS affiliate from Connecticut pulled its programming from Cablevision systems in Fairfield County as well as in New Haven and Litchfield counties as part of a long-running dispute over fees.  

Cablevision’s customers in Connecticut continue to have access to CBS programming on WCBS Channel 2. Cablevision is a local provider in Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Stamford, Weston, Westport and Wilton. 

Cablevision has agreed to pay for WFSB programming for its customers in New Haven and Litchfield counties, where WFSB is the only CBS affiliate. WFSB won’t accept that deal without Fairfield County being part of the arrangement.

In a statement, Cablevision’s public relations representatives said, “In an unprecedented move, the WFSB owners have now pulled the plug on CBS programming in parts of central Litchfield and three New Haven County towns unless Cablevision and its customers agree to pay for two CBS channels in Fairfield County.

“It is outrageous and unfair for the WFSB owners to hold customers in parts of Litchfield and New Haven Counties hostage in order to force Fairfield County customers to pay twice for essentially the same CBS programming.”

In a statement, WFSB said, “The fact is that we are only asking Cablevision OptimumTV for pennies a day for our programming. Without fair and equitable treatment, local TV stations such as WFSB will not be able to continue to provide top quality news, sports, entertainment, and other local programming.”

Cablevision customers can watch CBS national programming on Channel 2, including prime-time shows, but lose local Connecticut programs, including WFSB's local newscasts and show, as well as possibly some regional sports events. 

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Comments (23)

Why should these non-Fairfield County people be outraged over paying for the fees to cover us? We pay higher gasoline fees EVERY DAY, and for YEARS, to subsidize the gas fees for the rest of the state!!!! Turn-around is FAIR PLAY! It's called Distributor Pricing and the legislators won't kill it because most of their constituents would scream like these Cablevision subscribers are doing if they had to pay their FAIR SHARE of GAS TAXES!

WFSB targets viewers in our area through WFSB-DT4 "WFSB Fairfield County"; it is essentially a simulcast of WFSB except for some alternate infomercials not simulcast on the main WFSB subchannel.

I tried to watch WFSB when they started to advertise that: "they were where you are" (paraphrasing). But they failed to fulfill that commitment. No news about Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich. No weather details for Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich either. Even if the lower corner weather details were provided, the weather reporters stand in front of the weather map covering that lower corner. I see that WFSB is more concerned about folks in MA and RI than Lower Fairfield county. WFSB's website does not cover weather conditions in Stamford, which is CT's third largest city. In net, for me, this WFSB disconnect by Cablevision is no loss at all. Farewell.

Perfectly expressed ! Try a little WTNH you'll like it. I only watched WFSB when my godson hosted the morning news desk when he left I went to news 8 WTNH. Also they do try to cater to requests about town coverage. It seems the times I have e-mail one of them about weather(Gil Simmons usually) or the traffic, they get back to you and do seem to mention Norwalk more or will find another weather news comment from Darien or Westport.
E-mail them now, tell them it's time to step up, especially since WFSB is off the air down here it the best time to capture new viewers.

I switched to AT&T Uverse back in April 2013 and I am very happy with it. Had one issue with a DVR and they had a replacement at my door within 2 days. I am saving about $45 per month and I now have DVRs which I did not have before. My price is locked in until April of 2015. Then I will have to see what AT&T and CV have to offer. It is going to be interesting now that I read that Frontier Communications is going to be buying AT&T Uverse!

yeah, you got that good deal! Good even more so because you are happy with it.
I thought Frontier Comm. was only buying the wires.
I once owned shares of Southern Pacific RR. When they acquired Sprint I sold it.( What's a RR know about cellular service) Well, they used RR land to put up Trans.Towers and Sprint took off ! I like companies that own the wires without being worried about programming / market share.

Keep us posted Dave

Here is what was posted in the article.

Frontier will also acquire AT&T’s U-verse video and satellite TV customers in Connecticut. Frontier will pay AT&T $2 billion in cash for the business and related assets.

@Dave D,
thanks for this! So all the people here praising AT&T will soon be (hopefully) applauding Frontier. I've never cared for satellite, tons of options, sure but not reliable especially in poor weather.

Cablevision PR is portraying WFSB as the bad guy here when it is Cablevision greed that has spawned this debacle. Contact the PUC. Cablevision ought to lose their license to operate in Connecticut for this shameful betrayal of the public trust.

You read the contract proposal? What was the fee hike WFSB is asking?
CV is trying to remain competitive in our market, way down here so 60+ miles southwest of the local news they(WFSB) provide.
Gimmie some numbers, I'm dying with curiosity!

WFSB newsroom send in your tips competition is good 860 728 3333 in the past they use to trade pictures and tips with Cablevision then it got ugly.Maybe Hearst can by cablevision and ruin it like they did Brooks and The Advocate.

I use to enjoy watching WTIC (Fox) news and shows... but wait - they're gone. I watch WFSB (CBS) news and weather, Charles, Bob and Dennis House Sunday mornings... oh wait - they're gone.
Let me see if I've got this right... just because I happen to live near the state of New York, and a city in that state has their own TV stations that we can get with the same affiliations as my own state's, some corporate executive somewhere thinks that I, as a resident of Connecticut, could care less about the news, politics, local programs and even advertising in my own state and is sitting on the edge desperate to learn of stabbings, muggings and corruption taking place in that other state, commercials for nail spas in New Jersey.... well hummmmmm. If I'm thinking right, I'm thinking this corporate executive is quite simply not quite right upstairs. In fact, I'm thinking he's an honest to gosh Moron. A moron who only cares about his pocket. You don't think that as these basic channels disappear, the cost to provide them are going to be credited back to our bill do you?
So who goes next? My guess is WVIT because, hell! it's completely on the whole other side of the state and WTNH?, shucks you can see all ABC programs on WABC.... This is kind of like the 'Made in the USA' argument, but why would we care what's happening in our town or state...!!?? I'd even bet this moron works in that other state...

WTIC-TV? It's on UHF channel 31.or go to WCCT TV channel 20.
I get FOX on channel 5 WNYW.
Are we all getting different station line-ups according to CV Packages?
If you really just want your local local news use your VHF rabbit ears or for a longer distance from your viewing easy chair use your UHF ring

For as much as WFSB has any programming pertinent to the Lower Southwest Corner of Connecticut I can't see why we were provided with it anyway. This is an excellent time for WVIT to grow their business. I've often encouraged WTNH to cover more about the Lower Corner because it seems they should cover the shoreline more extensively. Lord knows News 12 right here in Norwalk is nothing but a 30 minute loop of fluff..
Somebody wants a refund for not having WFSB, well go ahead submit your desire. I think we get 108 channels with a basic package so that must work out to less than 50 cents a month. Anything that WFSB covered that is news-worthy can be found on the other 2 Stations, WVIT & WTNH If you're missing sports games upgrade your package with a Sporting menu selection.
Here's something I won't miss,..

Lastly if you work on-line you might be sorely disappointed with AT&T

Does this mean CV will reduce the monthly fee for FFLD county subscribers or am I as naive a a doorknob?

Claudia keep complaining! We finally got a bill taken care of after numerous issues as well. We moved and had issues for at least three months - went through three or four boxes... Maybe more but did get a refund. You're the customer - get it! I'd switch to AT&T too but have heard complaints about them too. No winners... :(

I'm so sick of cablevision. I always have issues with certain channels, one is channel 2 so I rely on channel 3. They have reset the box numerous times. As soon as I get off the phone with them, it screws up again. Then I'm too aggravated to call back, wait on hold for 20 mins, just to do it all over again.

The on demand and Multi-DVR are always problematic as well.

I have to see if I can get AT&T. I wasn't able to in my area last time I checked. Verizon I couldn't get either. My cable bill is outrageous and god forbid they discount for the crappy service they provide.

Another example of why I was happy to dump Cablevision for AT&T U-verse.

This is a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Agreed, RG. That and as Cindy said, CT news. Otherwise, the programming is as you said, duplication. Something tells me, we the customer will end up paying in the long run.

I happen to prefer WFSB for its local information. I don't live in ny. I don't care about the ny news as much as ct news. Not happy with this move.

Ch 3's only value is the occasional ability to get a different NFL game than the one shown on Ch 2. Otherwise it's just useless duplication.

Right on no more Pats games. Sucks!