Fairfield Family Learns How To Save With Energy SuperSTARS Challenge

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The Guastelle family of Fairfield learned how they can save money with a home energy assessment. Photo Credit: Contributed

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- The Guastelle family of Fairfield received a home energy assessment as part of Energize Connecticut's Energy SuperSTARS Challenge to learn how they could save money through energy efficiency upgrades.

The initiative is designed to educate Connecticut homeowners about the benefits of increasing their home's ability to reduce energy consumption.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in the Energy SuperSTARS challenge. Taking advantage of the affordable financing options, I am excited to move forward with the recommendations from the technicians,” said Karen Guastelle in a statement.

The initial findings revealed that insulation upgrades to the attic and crawl spaces were the first steps.

Immediate savings also became apparent by a Blower Door test, which showed how air sealing measures would save about $450 per year, and that replacing the old incandescent bulbs could lower their electric bill by $206 per year.

The technicians also recommended the family install a ductless mini-split heat pump to minimize the cost of cooling the home versus the use of window air conditioning units. The projected savings with these recommendations would provide an additional $298 in savings.

Those interested in learning more about residential energy efficiency programs can call 1-877-WISE- USE or visit the website.

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