Nebraska At Stamford's Avon Theatre A Wonderful Film

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The National Board of Review has named Bruce Dern Best Actor and Will Forte Best Supporting Actor of 2013 for their roles in Nebraska. Photo Credit: Facebook/Nebraska Movie

STAMFORD, Conn. -- The film Nebraska runs through Thursday, Jan. 30, at Stamford’s Avon Theatre, and is a terrific movie.

Just prior to the start of this wonderful film, Woody Grant (Dern) has received a letter apparently indicating he won $1 million dollars, and all he has to do to collect is fill out the form and mail it in. Unwilling to trust the US Postal service, Woody intends to walk from Billings, Mont., to Lincoln, Neb., to collect. That he’s 850 miles away doesn’t affect his decision (and yes, Woody is a touch “altered”).

Now Woody’s heading to Lincoln. His son David (Forte) agrees to drive him, if only to prove there’s no jackpot. David’s wants to make the trip to better understand his father and finally connect on an emotional level. What starts out as a fool’s errand becomes an eye-opening experience for David, who learns more about his parents than he expected or wanted to know, and he comes to a better understanding of himself, and better appreciates his father.

Shot in glorious black and white, the film looks like an Ansel Adams photograph come to life, and packed with compellingly earnest performances from the entire cast, the film offers up an interesting look at what life is quite possibly like for a great part of the center of the country, making this film a truly wonderful experience.

The Avon Theater is located at 272 Bedford St. , Stamford.

Nebraska is rated “R” and runs 1 hour and 50 minutes. It stars Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb, Bob Odenkirk, Stacy Keach and was directed by Alexander Payne.

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