Fairfield Youth Take Lead In Preparing Community For Emergencies

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Norma Peterson of the Fairfield Citizen Corps Council teaches St. Timothy's High School Group how to assemble emergency kits for the community. L to R : Norma Peterson, Kevin Kelly (Youth Group Leader), Conor Jones, Blake Gottlieb. Photo Credit: Contributed

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Youth group students at Fairfield's St. Timothy's Episcopal Church are helping prepare residents in the event of another disaster like Superstorm Sandy. 

In an effort to help the community be better prepared for future disasters, the students are launching a project to assemble emergency kits. The project began following Superstorm Sandy. The students are dedicating their efforts to ensure that members of the community are prepared with the emergency kits if another storm strikes.

"The project will create survival/emergency kits to be stored here at the church and made available during a crisis," said to Amy Borruso, director of Children and Family Ministries at St. Timothy's. "This will help make St. Timothy's a resource for our neighbors during weather emergencies and/or power outages in hard-to-travel Greenfield Hill."

St. Timothy's has generator power and has plans to serve as a community resource for charging, heat and hospitality should another major event disrupt Fairfield, representatives with the church said.

"We really hope this project can be a model for other groups to follow," said Borruso.

Other community groups wishing to initiate an emergency kit project can contact Norma Peterson at citizencorps@optonline.net for assistance.

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