62,153 Connecticut Residents Sign Up For Health Care Starting Jan. 1

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Open enrollment for health care under the Affordable Heath Care Act continues until March 31 in Connecticut.
Open enrollment for health care under the Affordable Heath Care Act continues until March 31 in Connecticut. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- As of last week, 62,153 Connecticut residents had enrolled in affordable health-care through Access Health CT for coverage beginning Jan. 1, the health exchange announced in a statement. 

More than 6,700 Connecticut residents and small businesses enrolled for health-care coverage on Dec. 23, more than double prior enrollment results for a single day and the deadline for coverage starting Jan. 1.

Open enrollment continues through March 31.

“We’re delighted to have enrolled so many Connecticut residents in health care coverage for January 1st; however, our work is far from done,” said Kevin Counihan, Access Health CT chief executive officer. “Over the remaining three months of open enrollment, we will continue aggressive outreach to enroll even more consumers and small businesses in quality, affordable health care coverage.”

Consumers who have already enrolled will receive an invoice from their insurance carriers that must be paid by Jan. 10 for coverage effective Jan. 1, Access Health said in a statement. After the premium payments are received by the carrier, new member materials, including identification cards and welcome packets, will be mailed. Any questions regarding coverage should be directed to the carrier company.

The open enrollment period for health care runs through March 31 so consumers still have time to compare plans and shop for coverage. Visit www.accesshealthct.com or call 1-855-805-HEALTH (4325) to speak with an Access Health CT representative. 

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A look at the cost structure of the ACA, for those who are interested. Good luck.


In the interest of full discloser the individual giving the presentation in the video is an insurance salesman. He is totally bias against healthcare reform as he can no longer charge the out of control rates that he had in the past.

Excellent observation Elizabeth G. Thanks for pointing it out.

Umm, the insurance companies WROTE the bill. HELLO!!??? MCFKLY??

Obamacare is a disaster that has cost millions their health insurance.

Troll M3-Driver
Where did you read the insurance companies wrote the bill??Oh that's right you made it up.....Odd as what I am reading on this very site is that health care reform is a huge success. The only ones saying different are the far right wing wackos like yourself.

Benefits Of ObamaCare: Advantage of ObamaCare

ObamaCare offers you and your family many new benefits rights and protections on all new plans. Health plans that started after 2010 will have to switch you over to a plan that offers these benefits in 2014.

Plans signed before 2010 may have grandfathered status. Learn more about Grandfathered Health Plans. Here is a quick overview of the different benefits, rights and protections which are all covered in detail below and discussed in-depth on the site.

• New Health Insurance Marketplaces (AKA Exchanges) allow shoppers to compare Health Plans that include all new benefits, rights and protections.
• Cost assistance to individuals, families and small businesses through the marketplace.
• No annual or lifetime limits on healthcare.
• Insurance companies can't drop you when you are sick or for making a mistake on your application.
• You can't be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Learn More About Healthcare and Pre-existing Conditions.
• You have the right to quickly appeal any health insurance company decision.
• You have the right to get an easy-to-understand summary about a health plan’s benefits and coverage.
• Young Adults can stay on their parent's plan until 26.
• A large improvement to women's health services.
• Reforms to the healthcare industry to cut wasteful spending.
• Better care and protections for seniors.
• New preventative Services at no-out-of pocket costs.
• Essential health benefits like emergency care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and maternity and newborn care must be included on all non-grandfathered plans at no out-of-pocket limit.
• You can't be charged more based on health status or gender.
• Plus many more benefits, rights and protections.

ObamaCare Pros

Tens of millions of uninsured will get access to affordable quality health insurance through the marketplace.

Over half of uninsured Americans can get free or low cost health insurance using their State's Health Insurance Marketplace

Medicaid is expanded up to 15.9 million men, women and children below 138% of the poverty level.

CHIP is expanded to cover up to 9 million children.

You can't be dropped from coverage when you get sick or make an honest mistake on your application. You also can't be denied coverage or treatment for being sick or charged more for being sick. You can't be charged more for being a woman either.

Small businesses can get tax credits for up to 50% of their employees health insurance premium costs.

Young Adults can stay on parents plan until 26. 82% of uninsured adults will qualify for free or low cost insurance.

Medicare is improved for Seniors including eliminating the donut hole, keeping rates down and expanding free preventive services.

All coverage starting after 2014 must include new preventative services and essential health benefits.

ObamaCare helps to curb the growth in healthcare spending.

Without question healthcare reform is the best thing to happen in the the past 100 years. The only ones that see otherwise is the far right wing wackos.

The famous pledge that “if you like your plan, you can keep it” backfired when insurance companies started cancelling millions of plans that didn’t comply with Obamacare’s requirements.

President Obama called a press conference last month to proclaim that people could continue buying non-complying plans in 2014—despite Obamacare’s explicit language to the contrary. He then refused to consider a House-passed bill that would have made this action legal.

You may want to read facts from all places Fox News

Insurance cancelled? Don't blame Obama or the ACA, blame America's insurance companies

With all the charges flying against President Obama in the on-going effort to stop ObamaCare it’s time for a reality check.

Having failed to kill the Affordable Care Act in Congress by shutting down the government the opposition is currently taking delight in charging the president with lying to the public when he said anyone who likes their current healthcare plan will be able to keep it under the new law.

It turns out that some people in the individual care market – about 5 percent of the overall insurance market -- are having their insurance policies cancelled.

It is estimated that half of those folks will get better coverage for a lower price. Some people will even get subsidies to help them pay the lower price.

But some people losing their current policies [and being offered better coverage] are going to have to pay a higher price. Taking crocodile tears to a new level, ObamaCare opponents are now rushing to their defense and calling the president a liar.

These critics include Republican politicians who did not vote for ObamaCare; these are Republican governors who refuse to set up exchanges to reach their own citizens; these are people oppose expanding Medicaid to help poor people getting better health care; these are people who have never put any proposal on the table as an alternative fix for the nation’s costly health care system that leaves tens of millions with inadequate medical coverage and tens of millions more totally uninsured.

The fact is if you are one of the estimated 2 million Americans whose health insurance plans may have been cancelled this month, you should not be blaming President Obama or the Affordable Care Act.

You should be blaming your insurance company because they have not been providing you with coverage that meets the minimum basic standards for health care.

Let me put it more bluntly: your insurance companies have been taking advantage of you and the Affordable Care Act puts in place consumer protection and tells them to stop abusing people.

The government did not “force” insurance companies to cancel their own substandard policies.The insurance companies chose to do that rather than do what is right and bring the policies up to code.

This would be like saying the government “forces” chemical companies to dispose of toxic waste safely rather than dumping it in the river.

Or the government “forces” people to drive with intact windshields and working brake lights.

How dare they “force” drivers to pay money to get those things fixed if they are broken?

One of the most popular and important provisions of the Affordable Care Act is setting basic minimum standards of medical insurance coverage. Here are some of those standards:

- Your insurance company is no longer allowed to cancel your policy if you get sick

- Your insurance company cannot deny you coverage or charge you more if you have a pre-existing health condition

- Your insurance company must allow you to keep your children on your plan until they turn 26 years old or get a job that provides health insurance.

- Your insurance company cannot impose lifetime caps on you health coverage.

- And perhaps most relevant to current discussion about insurance companies canceling substandard policies, your insurance company must cover what are called “essential health benefits.”

What are “essential health benefits?”

They are clearly defined on HealthCare.gov:

“Essential health benefits must include items and services within at least the following 10 categories: ambulatory patient services; emergency services; hospitalization; maternity and newborn care; mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment; prescription drugs; rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices; laboratory services; preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management; and pediatric services, including oral and vision care.”

That’s right.

If you are rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, the ACA says your insurance company has to pay for the ambulance ride.

If your son or daughter has a bout with depression or suffers from panic attacks, the ACA says your insurance company needs to pay for their medicine and treatment from a mental health professional.

People should be angry that their insurance companies were not paying for these humane, common sense benefits all along.

It baffles me that people are directing their anger at the ACA which rights these terrible wrongs.

The Hartford Courant newspaper reports that the CEO of Aetna insurance made $36 million last year plus several millions more in stock options.

They also report that the CEO of Cigna cleared a cool $12.5 Million plus stock options.

The American health insurance industry is one of the most profitable in the history of the world. Before the ACA, they made money by finding any excuse, any loophole to deny coverage to the sickest and most vulnerable people in our society.

Rather than being vindictive and canceling policies under the pretext of ObamaCare, the insurance companies should be thanking their lucky stars that they do not have to contend with a public option or a single payer system. That is what the law allows in every other modern industrialized democracy.

No one cares about your spam,.. Healthcare reform is law.. Move along....

You still upset about that 2nd amendment my stalker?