HuffPo: NRA Robocalls Upset Some In Newtown

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Newtown residents have gotten robocalls from the NRA recently, the Huffington Post reports.
Newtown residents have gotten robocalls from the NRA recently, the Huffington Post reports. Photo Credit: Al Branch, File
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The Huff post is very liberal and is certainly using the tragedy to promote themselves. This is more of a "created story" for attention. Its really not news worthy and when you look at the big picture it means very little.
The left side always seem to be using the deaths to promote their agenda.
Huff post especially. Its sort of like using a fox news link...

The tragedy of Newtown does not mean "nothing", other than the fact that an armed citizen at that school might have saved many of those lives. The "gun-free zone" simply guaranteed that the slaughter would proceed at the murderer's pace until that maggot heard the sirens and killed himself.

You mean like the armed security guard who was present at Columbine? There was one there. It didn't prevent or even deter Columbine. The guy took a few shots at Kelbold, through a window, but missed.

Look - if your only utopia is one where everyone has to be armed, I don't want to go. Lets think of solutions that maybe involve LESS guns around our kids, not more. It might not be easy. But lets THINK first, and not just change this country into Somolia, where indeed, everyone needs a gun at all times.

Perhaps better mental heath care would be a start?

Ken P Jr., Clearly you did not read the Huffington Post article link in this one. These calls were received by parents whose children attended Sandy Hook. By people who had been indirectly linked to a catastrophic event in their town. They made it clear they were NOT members of the NRA. But, the NRA has been carpet bombing CT with their propaganda to sell their "mission", trying to convince people who have lost so much to guns that guns are the answer. I know you think so by your many posts but in this here United States we have the RIGHT to disagree with you. That does not make us liberal, black, white, brown or purple: just in disagreement with you. It is time for you to grow up and understand that adults respectfully do disagree about very important topics like this one. The NRA does not seem to get that and neither do you.

The NRA was actually carpet bombing this site with their propaganda until we sent them packing.

Ken: You are exactly right. Only NRA members receive these calls, which are infrequent, timely, and not asking for money. If NRA members don't like them they should resign. Instead, of course, hundreds of thousands are JOINING the NRA. We have the constitutional right to the firearms we keep to protect our homes and families, and we will never give them up.

Clearly another person who did not read the linked article: these calls were being received by non-NRA members, people who requested at least twice to be removed from the call list and were ignored and not welcoming to the NRA message in any way, shape or form. These people were linked to the tragedy at Sandy Hook and were afraid for their children hearing the NRA message. Have any of you any respect? They were protecting THEIR KIDS FROM YOU as is their RIGHT!!!

Okay, so now can we talk about the Bank of America who is still sending us letters about my mother-in-law's account there more than three years after we closed the account and almost a year after she died. We've called numerous times, we've written, we've even sent a copy of the death certificate and still the letters come.

Is it upsetting? Yes, it's upsetting. However, it is the way life goes. We screen our calls and toss the unwelcomed mailings in the garbage can.

Really, Paige? I am sorry for your mother-in-law's death but now replace her with a six year old blasted to smithereens by a sick person with a gun and, instead of a year gone by, a matter of months passed, and you receive repeated phone calls during dinner with your children who attended the school where this atrocity takes place sitting there and a voice from the NRA comes over the answering machine - not a letter over which you have control (recycling anyone) but a phone call, unwanted and unwarranted to a traumatized family. To compare your situation to that is sad - you can't see the difference? A child being blasted is somehow equivalent to bank letters? Now be blase about that.

First of all, I am not blase about Newtown at all. We have relatives living in Sandy Hook and as I've said before, the four hours between the time I heard about the murders and when I finally got in touch with my cousin were in the Top Ten Things I Never Want to Live Through Again.

The point is that a robocall is a robocall is a robocall. To the computer, it's just a bunch of numbers to connect to and when the line is answered, the message plays. I've had robocalls come in on fax lines, and on dedicated computer lines. We've called the companies involved but they never seemed to be able to remove the number from the list.

We've also received harassing phone calls from a mental disturbed person and had both the police and the telephone company involved. It's one thing when it's a robocall where you calmly get up from the table, pick the receiver up and quickly replace it, and another when you get a live person on the line who is threatening you and your family. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. We can't let it control us. And as a matter of fact, we're just about due for our caller to start up again.

I empathize with the people in Sandy Hook. I really do. It's a horrible thing to bury your child, especially when that child has been ruthlessly murdered. And yes, it is upsetting. But believe it or not, it's not a conspiracy, it's not someone being nasty. It's a machine.

Having people get all worked up about it and trying to pass legislation or have legislators write protest letters gives the call far more importance than it deserves. The people in Newtown who have been traumatized by this need to focus on positive things and getting on with their lives.

As for the bank letters, we get them about every two months. This has been going on since we closed the account almost four years ago. There was a flurry of phone calls in the beginning. None of them helped. We've just learned to live with it.

little timmy, clearly you did not really read my comment. Everyone's pain is to be respected and I express my sympathy to Paige. I did not condemn Paige's issue but, rather, asked her to examine the circumstances affecting traumatized families and children from a shooting with receiving letters, over which there is control but, I realize, upsetting. There's a difference. When you think about it, Paige minimizes these families' pain by saying, basically, "get over it". Grief is different for everyone and I don't think that is quite what these families can do and it is an unfair burden to expect them to while receiving NRA phone calls at dinner time. That Paige is able to just toss some letters out in spite of her sorrow is lucky for her - these families do not have that same privilege. I know you are meant to be insulting, but no one lives in a golden tower least of all me.

No, Temperance, I'm not minimizing anyone's pain over the loss of the loved ones. Nor am I saying "get over it". You read "get over it" into my words. What I am saying is that with all the dramatic hysteria, these stories are exacerbating the tragedy. Those families will never again hug their children.

But getting all wound up about a robocall at dinner time is just plain exploitation. The other day, there was a national news story about the Parker family meeting with Mr. Lanza. It was national news. Why? Why did anyone need to know that? Because it sells newspapers and increases site clicks. It's exploitation.

The NRA has been demonized and people actually said that they wanted the NRA president's head on a stick after the tragedy. That was a lovely sentiment, wasn't it?

But I guess if you need someone to attack, the NRA is as good as anyone. Have at it, Temperance. Enjoy.

These articles and that news story came as a result of the full cooperation of the victims of the tragedy. That is not exploitation, that is education. I have been a gun owner in the past and believe in the rights of citizens to carry guns, with reservations. The NRA is exploiting YOU by the very companies they lobby for: gun companies that are making lots and lots of money off of peoples' fear. What a shame and a stain on what good lobbying can be and do for our constituency and government. That you can have such equanimity about this situation is a good thing but not everyone can be and need these long months to be in grief. People express it differently and clearly differently from you. It's all to be respected - you do not have to expose yourself to any of it so skip it and "enjoy".

Okay, feel better now?

Yes, thank you.

But you did take the high road and insinuate that you are the decider of tragedy "To compare your situation to that is sad - you can't see the difference?"
Paige was offering a solution while all you did was throw out more drama about this situation.
It seems like a lot of people are really getting tired of this parading around the living children constantly reminding them what happened. Change your number, caller id, call blocking, unplugging your phone, national registry, calling the NRA and telling them to remove your name from their call log (and then keep track for a court order) are just some things to be done.
Time to leave these people alone - BOTH the anti-gun movement, all these fundraiswers and the NRA. But, if these people keep parading their kids out in front as a political pawn, then they are open to all means of politcal gains from any side.

Little Timmy, before you make another comment, read the article. The recipients of these phone calls made multiple requests of the NRA to be de-listed from the automatic phone calls and STILL received them. These people were not "parading their kids" but, rather, trying to protect them. This is not drama, this is real life which you seem to have a minimal acquaintance with. Really, have you ever lost any one, especially a child, suddenly and violently? Not drama, real life. It hurts. The remaining children deserve to be protected, their privacy unviolated by the likes of the NRA at dinnertime.

Temperence, these parents are parading their kids around like souveniers (the St Patricks Day parade, the special basketball games with NBA players, etc...) these are the examples of continuing the crises.

If you want one then you get the other.

Don't answer the phone, unplug it at dinner or get a court order for yourself.

Personally, I may have lost a loved one violently and guess what - I JOINED the NRA because it would give me a fighting chance. So yes, I would welcome the NRA to call my home.

I think this is the next wave of tactics from the NRA to members: "get over it already", "no big deal", "too bad you lost your kid but it's time to move on." Think about it: who does this serve? If you didn't guess the NRA, I am guessing you have been so convinced of their ideology you have no discernment left. I am told you are a troll on this site and others but I choose to respect whatever opinion you throw out there as long as we can civilly disagree.

I am sorry for your loss. If you think more guns will solve a gun problem, however, you are mistaken. Life is not safe. The world is not safe. You will die someday just like me, just like we all do. The NRA will never in a million years protect you from that.

The fear you express in this comment is obvious. The problem is the black and white analysis of this issue when there are many shades of grey. You are assuming I am anti-gun. You are assuming wrong. I grew up with guns and believe in their efficacy in the right situations. I do not believe the 2nd Amendment gives the right to anyone, willy-nilly, to be armed like a platoon with all of the accompanying acoutrements. The NRA would have you believe that because of the latter view, I am somehow "anti-gun." No, I am anti-gun companies who are foisting themselves all over our communities making money with the tactic that more guns make better lives for everyone. It just isn't so - everyone who is a gun owner is not a "good guy with a gun" standing at the ready to save themselves, their families or their neighbors. Another part of the NRA message? Cops don't do their jobs. They never are where they need to be in time - the answer? More guns! I think this does a tremendous disservice to all of those people who put their lives on the line to protect our communities. I am not willing to go there.

And bless you if you are so naive to believe that a gun will make you live longer. I don't really believe you believe that. What are you going to do when you get some kind of disease? Shoot it? Anything is possible and a gun does not give you longer life.

God bless you if you are naive enough to think that criminals who use guns will obey the laws and will surrender theirs for a 50 gift certificate.

If you could just stick to topic because OBVIOUSLY we are focusing in on the gun topic and not the bazillion other causes of death...because when we are talking about (and we ARE talking about) whether or not I can live longer is when there is an intruder in the house (or some other horrific situation) and I have a gun - I have a 50% chance more of living than you.

There is no fear in this poster - just how morally superior do you feel you need to be? There is anger, you do not even know how your rights are being taken away (Like posting on this site - it is all up to da man and da man is a liberal crybaby that if he does not agree with the posting, he will take it down. However, he has no problem leaving such dribble up like yours).

Pretty soon, it will be all your liberties and good luck then! You say you grew up around guns then you should know; it is not about the guns it is about our rights. In addition, you would like to think the NRA would like me to believe blah blah blah. Who DO YOU think you are anyways???? The "impartial" voice of reason? Spare me your nilly willy rhetoric. I am quite capable of making up my own mind.

I want to say I do not know why the DV is deleting my posts but I know it is because they are too truthful for the public. This is a liberal rag and this blog is prejudice on the side of the hysterical anti gun movement.

If you own a gun, then you have a 50-50 chance of surviving. If you don't have a gun, you have ZERO chance of’s just that obvious.

In addition, temperance, save your moral righteousness and religious blessings for those who really need it, say the children who did not have the fighting chance…

Let’s see how long it takes for the dv to take this down - eh, albie?

Little timmy, there is no conspiracy, as the NRA would like you to believe, to take away your rights to own guns. Rather, there is a more select approach regarding which guns the citizenry need/should have. Given the capability of some of the automatic weapons mentioned on numerous blogs, I think this is reasonable.

Do you vote? A right for which many sacrificed their lives, BTW. Those people governing us in Washington and Hartford, the constituency put into office - that's us. If you believe your beliefs are somehow going to protect us from BIG GOVERNMENT, think again. It is a reflection on you and your feelings about others that sympathizing with your view is taken as moral righteousness and religious. You project amazing amounts of fear and paranoia that don't make a whole lot of sense. I am sorry about that but have you considered this might be why people don't like reading what you write?

On another thread, Little Timmy, I started out in conversation with a gun owner who was spouting - just like you. We ended up persevering with each other and I found out a lot of useful information about gun ownership and gun regulations. I think you are smarter than you write here. If you insist on mocking or believing in your own righteous way that you are right and everybody else is wrong (this makes you angry according to your post above) you will be writing to the wind. Stick to the topic, do not name call, do not mock, be reasonable in describing why you think robocalls to Newtown residents are OK or not OK. You might get somewhere in what you post!

Cruel, Vicious, Unnecessary and totally NRA.