Malloy Encourages Fairfield Residents To Stay Home As Storm Worsens

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Gov. Dannel Malloy updates conditions in Connecticut on Thursday morning. Photo Credit: Screen Shot of CT-N

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - Deteriorating winter weather conditions have closed all government offices and state universities across Fairfield County and Connecticut, Gov. Dannel Malloy said Thursday morning. 

“As conditions are predicted to intensify throughout the day, we are ordering all first and second shift, nonessential state employees to stay home today," Malloy said. 

A nor'easter was steaming through the state Thursday. It is expected to snow all day, dropping 10 to 14 inches of snow along with a coating of ice from sleet and freezing rain this afternoon. It should snow until about midnight.  

All 632 of the state's Department of Transportation trucks are out clearing the roads along with 200 contracted trucks to allow drivers and emergency personnel to travel safely.

The 300 members of the Connecticut National Guard are also on standby if needed, he added.

Residents using public transportation should be aware that the buses and trains are running on reduced schedules and service could be cut further later in the day, Malloy said. 

"With heavy snow falling across the state and forecast to continue throughout the day, I am asking residents to avoid unnecessary travel," said Malloy.

Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating have trucks on standby to repair any power outages that occur. 

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Comments (11)

Dlrty Duck:

We are very lucky to have the great leadership of governor Malloy. You also have my vote.


Thank You Governor Malloy for having a handle on this storm and showing great leadership.. You have my vote.

BClinton's Johnson:

Go pop another Pamprin,Mary Jane.By the way,how is that global warming hoax panning out for you kooks this winter,eh?

Dlrty Duck:

Global Warming Causing Harsher Winters
Millions of people in America and northern Europe are still battling snow and ice, wondering why they are being punished with bitter cold when -- officially -- spring has arrived and Earth is in the grip of global warming.

Yet some scientists, eyeing the fourth year in a row of exceptionally harsh late-winter weather in parts of Europe and North America, suggest warming is precisely the problem.

In a complex tango between ocean and atmosphere, warming is causing icy polar air to be displaced southwards, they contend.

"The linkage is becoming clearer and clearer, I think, although the science has not yet been settled," said Dim Coumou of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) near Berlin.

The theory derives from a long-studied Arctic phenomenon called a positive feedback -- in plain words, a vicious circle.

Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic's floating cap of sea ice, especially in summer.

In 1979, when satellite measurements began, summer ice covered some seven million square kilometres (2.7 million square miles), roughly equivalent to 90 percent the area of Australia.

In September 2012, summer ice hit its lowest extent on record, at just 3.4 million sq. kms (1.31 million sq. miles).

Take away reflective ice, and you have a dark sea that absorbs solar radiation, which in turn reinforces the melting, and so on.

But the theory suggests the added heat, stored over a vast area of surface water, is also gradually released into the atmosphere during the Arctic autumn.

It increases air pressure and moisture in the Arctic, reducing the temperature differential with lower latitudes.

Here's what happens next: The polar vortex, a powerful circular wind that essentially pens Arctic air to the roof of the world, begins to weaken.

Finding itself released, a mass of moist cold air spills southward, bringing snow and chill down into North America and Europe.

And it tends to stay there, because of what happens to the jet stream.

Instead of encircling the northern hemisphere in a sturdy and predictable fashion, this high-altitude wind takes a lazy looping path, zigzagging over the United States, the Atlantic and Europe. The southern parts of the loops get a bout of cold weather that becomes stalled in place.


Excellent post Dirty Duck it explains a lot Thanks YOU


the man made global warming crowd lost any remaining cred when - after catching their top data modelers and mouthpieces fabricating data to suit their desired outcome and rejecting "unfriendlies" from the peer review process- they did NOT chastise the unethical behavior, they defended it.

sorry, man made global warming is thinly disguised wealth transfer on a global scale. nothing more.


Yes Dirty Duck He is showing the same great leadership that he had when he made Stamford a world class city.. All while maintaining a surplus


Yet another reason why the 19th amendment should be repealed immediately, Duck.

ffctguitar the QUEEN:

You made a typo..
It should read
Yet another reason why the 2nd amendment should be repealed immediately, Duck.


All 632 of the state's Department of Transportation trucks are out clearing the roads along with 200 contracted trucks to allow drivers and emergency personnel to travel safely.

The 300 members of the Connecticut National Guard are also on standby if needed, he added

BClinton's Johnson:

Malloy and his liberal henchmen should stay home,thats for sure.

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