Fairfield Train Riders Long For The Return Of The Bar Car

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Metro-North is exploring converting some of the new M-8 rail cars into bar cars for the New Haven Line.
Metro-North is exploring converting some of the new M-8 rail cars into bar cars for the New Haven Line. Photo Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- With the introduction of the new M-8 trains to Metro-North's New Haven Line, the popular "Bar Car" has become something fondly remembered but rarely seen, according to USA Today. 

But hope may be on the way. Metro-North has hired a consulting company for $1.1 million to design a retrofitted M-8 car that could bring the bar car on the New Haven Line back to life if the price is right, USA Today reported. 

Connecticut would pay for the cars since the New Haven Line operates predominantly in the Nutmeg State. The three cars would operate on outgoing trains from Grand Central Terminal. Two of the cars wouldn't stop until Stamford and the third would only make stops in Rye and Port Chester before entering Connecticut, the USA Today said. 

For now, Metro-North commuters will have to continue buying their spirits from the platform kiosks at the station.

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Comments (7)

I have a slightly different reason for encouraging the return of the bar car.I recently traveled back from GC on a peak hour train with my wife and young children and it pretty soon became apparent that we were in a carriage where the bar car crew still gather and do most of their drinking. I have nothing at all against their right to drink on the train but if they are going to gather in such numbers and drink in such quantities, then it probably makes more sense for them to have a bar car in which to do so.

The bar cars were the best. I sat with the same people for years on the 6:19 express out of GC! The commute goes by much faster it seems.

Didn't you live on the train when you were homeless??

Bar car is the LEAST of my concerns and they are useless since maybe only 10 people can sit.

The trains are never on time, they have not made any progress in anything and trains still break down. Don't care about a bar car, I care about how my $300 a month is being utilized... and right now, and for the last year, I've been feeling seriously robbed.

The bar cars are not attached to the morning trains

Forget for a second that Metro North has an atrocious on time record of late with the New Haven line, not to mention a very fragile safety record. These bar cars take up valuable seat space and serve no purpose on morning commutes. Let's focus on getting MORE for our constantly rising monthly commute fees besides the "luxury" of being able to stand up for an hour+ to enjoy an overpriced alcoholic beverage. And if you're gonna use them in the mornings, at least provide coffee and donuts/bagels for sale to offset some of the costs of running this monopoly. Trust me, the 99% of those riders who could care less about a bar car, want to be able to get to/from work ON TIME and SAFELY. They can celebrate with a cocktail when they get home and have one less drunk on the road as well.