Police: Fairfield Man Loses $7K In IRS Phone Scam

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A Fairfield man went to Fairfield police headquarters Thursday night to report that he had been a victim of an IRS phone scam earlier that day, police said. 

He told police that he had received a phone call from a person who said she was Julie Smith of the Internal Revenue Service. "Smith" said that his wife owed $7,000 in back taxes and that it had to be paid immediately or his wife would be arrested, he told police. 

The 49-year-old victim was told to go to both Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy to purchase the Green Dot pre-paid credit cards and to then read the numbers on the back of the card to the person on the phone, police said. He was told not to hang up until the transactions were complete, police said. 

Almost immediately after hanging up he realized it had been a scam, and he attempted to halt the Green Dot credit cards, police said. He was unable to stop all of the money, and ultimately lost $6,798 to the scam, police said.

In a Code Red phone message in late July, Fairfield police warned residents about phone scams involving the IRS or utility companies.

"All of these calls are scams. Residents should hang up on the caller, provide no personal information, and never send money or gift card numbers to anyone you do not personally know," Deputy Chief Chris Lyddy said in the message. 

Residents are encouraged to remember that neither the IRS or any utility company would ask for Green Dot or other pre-paid credit card numbers to be given out over the phone. Police say that in both situations they would never contact residents by phone.

If residents are concerned about a possible scam, they should contact the Fairfield police at 203-254-4800 and file a report.

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Scam callers posing as the IRS.... How YOU can strike back!!!

My story is the same as yours. Caller left voicemail with the usual threats. Claimed to be "Officer Eric Forster" of the IRS, said I owed money, faced legal trouble, etc. I called back. They claimed to be with the IRS, and everyone I spoke to had an Indian accent. If you're reading this, you know the rest.

These losers are despicable. They cheat old people for a living. And the IRS can't stop them because they're all overseas - Ahmedabad, India to be exact.

Aaaaaah.... but there IS something WE can do. WE can monkeywrench these a**holes and put a dent in their little scam.

They use a lot of different numbers: at least 202-506-8153, 202-506-9962, and 202-506-8682.

So go ahead. Call them. If you have other numbers that the scammers use, call them too.


Like I've been doing.

When the faux "IRS" people answer, you can tease them. Taunt them. String them along. Annoy them. Remember - these are the BAD GUYS. And you've got THEIR number. They're powerless now... so enjoy it.

Laugh as they fumble for words, unsure how to respond now that the tables are turned.

Laugh even more as they get frustrated and angry... awwww, isn't it CUTE when they use their little cuss words!

Listen to them hang up... hey, it's impolite to end a call like that! You'll just have to call them back....

Every time WE call THEM, WE have the power. WE waste their time. WE frustrate them, with no way for them to respond. WE ruin these losers' days. WE laugh while they cry. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.... when you *hate* fish.

Who knew poetic justice could be this fun?

And if enough of US call THEM, and tie up their phone lines, and generally p*** them off, then maybe... just maybe... they'll abandon their little scam.

To repeat, you can reach the scammers at at least these three numbers (CONFIRMED ON AUG 9 2014):

*** SAFETY TIP *** Block your outgoing caller ID before you call! I enter *67 (star-6-7) before dialing, e.g., *67-202-506-8153. (Bonus: if they don't know it's you, they can't duck your calls.)

Spread the word. Spread the numbers. And most of all, keep on calling these jerks... to spread the love.


Agrajag (the Scammer Jammer)