Fairfield Letter: Fawcett Deserves Election Day Support

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Kim Fawcett
Kim Fawcett Photo Credit: Daily Voice File Photo

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To the editor:

It's not only time to get back into the school year routine, in Fairfield it is election season. One of the biggest legislative races is happening in Fairfield this year and if you haven't heard about the Fawcett/Hwang showdown you soon will.

I am supporting Kim Fawcett. She is a genuine friend, committed to working for us all. If you have met her you know what I mean. Chances are you have seen her out walking door to door, spoken to her on the phone or she's helped you with a problem. She makes politics personal, by listening and taking the time to talk with us building genuine relationships and getting results for our town.

There is a stark contrast between Kim and her opponent, the one more commonly referred to as Photo-op, because he is known to show his face just long enough to get noticed or be seen in a picture.

More often than not, his pandering press releases take credit for something he actually voted against. Take his March public statement that he would fight for local commuters. Yet two months later he refused to support the $14 million in emergency funding for safety upgrades to Metro-North? Or his constant claim that our kids and vulnerable citizens should always be a priority? Yet again, he voted to cut $6 million from schools and millions more from the very grant programs that send funding to Operation Hope, the Kennedy Center and Family Justice Center. It's mind boggling that he has aligned himself and Fairfield voters with the right wing of the party (only 8 of 54 Republicans in the state voted for the cuts) voting to halt investment in Connecticut and supporting these far-reaching cuts.

When working for us in Hartford he has been a disingenuous leader whose commitment to community lasts only as long as the photo op.

Jay Wolk

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Comments (4)

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Interesting Comment !!!! So True !!!! Hope she starts by Teaching "Drivers Education" per haps in her own driveway !!!
Have a Great Day(And Continue to pay and pay !!!!)

classy Jim E.

Jay, no matter what gets proposed or voted on to cut gets criticized in Fairfield. The town of Fairfield has so many "contractual obligations" that taxes must rise by $10 million every year - that's an outrage. The state has similar contractual obligations and liberal must-haves that are driving us to official bankruptcy. The Federal Government has been virtually bankrupt for years - only the ability to print money allows our national leadership to avoid reality.

Kim Fawcett believes that govt has a role in most every corner of human activity in our society. It's thinking like her's that has brought our State and Fed govt to it's bloated fiscally disastrous state. If voters think that voting for people like Kim Fawcett because "she makes politics personal, by listening and taking the time to talk with us building genuine relationships" is going to save our state from financial implosion they are deluding themselves. Kim Fawcett will never make a tough decision on behalf of fiscal sanity or individual liberty.

It is NOT in our interests to vote for those who tell us what we'd like to hear, or make us "feel good". What made this country great was people taking individual responsibility for their lives in a free constitutional republic - NOT govt involving itself in every aspect of our lives. We need to vote for candidates who are guided by those lights, who will make the tough decisions to preserve our ability to run our own lives and return our public finances to fiscal sanity. Kim Fawcett is NOT that person - that is a certainty! Moving her to state senate is a bridge too far and we would be ill-served by the promotion of more Liberal thinking in that chamber.