Fairfield Letter: Support State Spending For Public Education

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To the editor:

Public education is a cornerstone of American society. All too often, families settle in neighborhoods based solely on its school system. Fairfield is one of those towns.

We have great schools, bright students and families who are concerned about their children’s education. I would know; I’m a senior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and my family moved here to Fairfield several years ago specifically for the education system.

I’d imagine you’d share my disappointment, then, when I learned that two of Fairfield's State Representatives, Brenda Kupchick and Tony Hwang, voted down the governor’s budget which, if their intentions had prevailed, would have cut over $6 million to education statewide, and $3 million to the Connecticut State University system.

In addition to cutting money for education statewide, Representatives Kupchik and Hwang voted to cut state aid to municipalities, including the state’s obligation to share the cost to fund our schools, to the tune of $3.59 million.

There’s a time to be frugal, and a time to make spending cuts, but not when it comes at the cost of public school students here in Fairfield.

I’ve loved the education I received in the Fairfield Public Schools system. But I’ve seen how the school system has suffered progressively more each year due to inadequate funding.

We need to urge our elected officials to fulfill the state’s obligation to fund our schools.

Please don’t put us at a disadvantage in the name of “fiscal responsibility.”

Aditya Ajoomal

Fairfield Ludlowe High School Senior

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Comments (2)

I Guess you don't understand(being still in school) There IS NO MONEY, the Tax Base is leaving this State due to High Taxes----Hey What the Heck You are going to have to pay for it When You go to Work.
All that is being asked for is ACCOUNTABILTY and to Fence in the Sacred Cow of Education.
Have a Great Day (and just pay and pay(For Sacred Cows!!))