Fairfield Letter: Support Vahey In Democratic Primary

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. --  The Fairfield Daily Voice accepts signed letters to the editor. Send letters to fairfield@dailyvoice.com.

To the editor:

This is a letter in support of Cristin McCarthy Vahey for State Representative for the 133rd District.

I have gotten to know Cristin both professionally and personally over the past five years as we worked together on some education-related committees. In that time, I have been consistently impressed with Cristin’s responsiveness, experience, knowledge of various situations, and skills with conflict resolution.

Her commitment to whatever project or task she is given is inspiring, and it has been my great pleasure getting to know her. 

As an educator, local, state and federal legislation regarding education is important to me. Cristin has been an unwavering supporter of education in Fairfield since I have met her. Cristin and I met as members of one of Fairfield Public Schools’ Strategic Plan committees. We continued to work together on the BOE-appointed Cultural Diversity task force, and again on the FPS-sponsored  Community Conversations on Diveristy.

In each group, Cristin was committed to creating a strong school system and community network for all students and families.

In addition, Cristin has volunteered in her children’s classrooms and with PTA and was she was the co-chair of Fairfield Cares Community Coalition.

As both an RTM member and a Selectman, Cristin has supported the education budgets, including both operating and capital budgets. This past year, in fact, she voted to maintain the BOE budget as requested by the Superintendent. However, it was reduced by the Board of Selectmen.

Cristin understands that education funding is critical to the future of one’s community, and she demonstrates that through her supportive votes.

It is my firm belief that Cristin McCarthy Vahey votes in the best interests of all of her constituents, whether it is education or another subject. I urge voters to choose Cristin McCarthy Vahey as the Democratic candidate for District 133 State Representative in the upcoming primary.

Her voice is our voice.

Trudi J. Durrell

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