Letter: Fairfield RTM Member Looks Ahead

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To The Editor: 

To my constituents in District 10 and the citizens of the Town of Fairfield.

Since being elected to represent District 10 on the Fairfield Representative Town Meeting and accepting the honor of that role when inaugurated on Nov. 18, I thought I would take the opportunity to provide an update of my activities over my first 30 days in this office.

As promised when campaigning for the privilege to serve the residents of District 10 and the citizens of the Town of Fairfield, I committed to focusing my efforts on enhancing the town's Public Health, Safety and Emergency Preparedness while immersing myself in the ever changing dynamics of Super Storm Sandy Rehabilitation and Flood Hazard Mitigation. A large part of which includes the rebuilding of the Penfield Pavilion. Consequently, over the past 30 days since my inauguration I have done the following:

  • Accepted a leadership role on the Public Health and Safety Committee of the Representative Town Meeting to ensure a concerted focus on these important issues.
  • Met with the Fairfield University Dean of Students and Director of Public Safety to discuss initiatives for ensuring peace, security, and safety for all residents of the beach area.
  • Collaborated with community leaders to better understand and address the Public Health, Safety and Emergency Preparedness issues of greatest concern.
  • Initiated meetings with the leadership of the Police Department and Fire Department to discuss plans to further enhance their exemplary service, protection, and preparation of the community for major disasters.
  • Attended both meetings of the Penfield Building Commission including a visit to the site and thorough inspection of the damage to the building infrastructure.
  • Attended the Flood and Erosion Commission meeting to better understand the mitigating impact of the implementation of Sluice Gates in preparation for future flooding events.
  • Discussed with Planning and Zoning the recently revised FEMA elevation requirements and their implication on Flood Insurance premiums as well as the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act proposed by Congress that will delay the adverse financial impact.

Over the coming months of 2014, I will strive to enhance my understanding of all of the issues relative to the revised FEMA elevation requirements and communicate the implications to those affected residents. I will remain engaged with the Penfield Building Commission to keep my constituents apprised of the options for the repair and/or renovation of the Penfield Pavilion.

I intend to continue my extensive work in Public Health, Safety and Emergency Preparedness as I had promised early in my campaign. As such, I will remain active in my roles on the Fairfield Health and Fitness Council as well as the Fairfield Community Emergency Response Team under the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. I will also continue my collaborations with Fairfield University's Dean of Students and Director of Public Safety to ensure the implementation of initiatives that will achieve the desired peace, security, and safety in the year ahead.

I thank all of my constituents in District 10 for the honor and privilege of representing them and look forward to a productive new year in my service to the citizens of the Town of Fairfield. I wish all a happy holiday season and healthy, safe, and prosperous 2014.

Happy Holidays,

Bill Perugini
Town of Fairfield
RTM, District 10

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