Letter: Response To Fairfield Democratic Town Committee Chairman

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Fairfield RTC Chairman James Millington offers insight into political season.
Fairfield RTC Chairman James Millington offers insight into political season. Photo Credit: File

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To The editor: 

Unfortunately, the newly elected Democratic Town Committee Chairwomen Heather Dean has decided to start the political season on a negative note.

Instead of looking forward and addressing the many critical issues that our state representatives and senators will face in the next term, she and her followers would rather try to mislead voters by distorting the facts and motives behind the voting records of state Reps. Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick (both Republicans) while purporting that state Rep. Kim Fawcett (a Democrat) can do no wrong in her support of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s bonding and budget proposals.

Mrs. Dean tried to characterize Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick as “radical, cut-everything” politicians who are “playing a dangerous game that threatens our excellent public schools, property taxes and economic prosperity.” These characterizations are shameful and provide a sad insight to Mrs. Dean’s belief that negative campaigning is the way to win in Fairfield.

For those of you who know Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick, know that they have dedicated themselves to community service. They have spent hundreds of hours researching and voting on thousands of bills, bonding packages and budgets. During all of this, they have stood united in the fact that they will not support a budget that does not properly address debt service and they will not support further increases in bonding until our debt is addressed.

In Mrs. Dean’s world, the fact that someone votes against a budget or bonding means that they must not support ANYTHING funded within that budget or bonding proposal. Her rationale is unreasonable and insincere. When Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick vote against a budget or bonding, it does not mean they want to shut down government, it simply means that they believe it needs to be reworked to gain their support.

As always, the voters will decide. I encourage all voters to do your own research, listen to the candidate’s ideas this season, try to ignore the inaccurate negative campaigning and make your choice on the direction you want our state to go.

James Millington
Fairfield RTC Chairman

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Comments (3)

Jamie You are Spot On !!!!! All that us being asked for is accountability!!!!---When a town is 90 % tax based on Single family dwellings and has the NIMBY attitude toward Commercial development and is inhabited by the 2 to 5 set(Here 2 to 5 years Wants the Best, Out their Kids thru School and THEN MOVE OUT because of HIGH TAXES) We are like the Tiatanic(Headed for disaster)------Stop and think ---Where is the money coming from??? The State of Connecticut is in the same boat ---headed for the Ice Berg------Wake Up !!!!!!Before the ship sinks !!!
Have a Graet day(and MOST of us can not Pay and Pay !!!)

Jim. This is your dumbest post yet and that’s saying something.

Well said Jim E. Heather Dean might be a nice lady,but sadly she is an intellectual lightweight,and thinking(or lack of) like hers is the cause of most of our problems in this town,and state,and on a macro level,the country.