4 Men With Sledge Hammers Rob New Canaan Jewelry Store

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NEW CANAAN, Conn. -- Four men with sledge hammers smashed display cases and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of watches Wednesday afternoon from Henry C. Reid & Son Jewelers in downtown New Canaan, the New Canaan Advertiser reported

Police were searching for four black men suspected in the robbery at 72 Elm St. at about 4 p.m., the Advertiser said. The four men reportedly fled on foot but could not be found, the report said. 

If you have any information, contact police at 203-594-3500.

Read the full story here at the New Canaan Advertiser. 

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Comments (10)

And remember, you can't have more than 10 swings with that hammer...

How awful. The women who work there are so nice. I am sure this was a bit shocking and scary for them. I realize this is covered by insurance but still....I love the women there. Sorry this happened

These watches will go for cheap as you will Never be able to have one repaired. I'd guess someone will we be flashing their new bling at some gin mill, before long.

It's not so much the race of the men that should raise an eyebrow so much as it was a group of men CARRYING SLEDGEHAMMERS on Elm St. that would have caught my attention!

Cops must be as good as Norwalk cops. Can't imagine it was that hard to see 4 black men in downtown New Canaan on foot. Not as if they would blend in in that town.

Maybe Malloy will ban sledge hammers now.

Why's that Kenny, was somebody murdered with one?
It wasn't even a robbery !

It says robbery right in the article

Correct, I meant burglary.

Can we get a cop on foot patrol in downtown now? I think this strengthens the case!