Connecticut State Police Release Thousands Of Pages In Sandy Hook Report

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The Connecticut State Police have released thousands of pages of documents on the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year. Photo Credit: File
The Connecticut State Police have released thousands of pages of documents on the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- The Connecticut State Police on Friday released thousands of pages of its investigative documents related to the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. 

The report is available online at this state website:

"First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers, as well as those of all members of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, continue to be with the family of the victims, the survivors and the entire Newtown community," said Commissioner Reuben F. Bradford in a statement.

"On December 14, 2012, your lives were changed forever in a matter of moments. The horror and unspeakable sadness of that day and the lives that were lost will never be forgotten."

The report runs several thousand pages and has been redacted according to state law, State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance said in a statement. 

It contains some text, photos and 911 calls received by the State Police on the day of the deadly shootings in Newtown.

The release of this document indicates that this State Police criminal investigation is complete, Vance said.

Administratively, the investigation consists of three separate case numbers for the primary investigation, for the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and for the homicide at 36 Yogananda St. in Newtown, State Police said at the website.

Each investigation includes numerous written reports, with each case number available for separate download. Additionally, each investigation also includes various forms of multimedia, including photographs, video recordings and/or audio recordings, State Police said. 

Many of the files are very large, will take a considerable amount of time to download, and may impose a heavy burden on the hosting system, State Police said.

The release of the documents came more than a year after 20 first-graders and six educators were killed by a lone gunman at the Newtown school on Dec. 14, 2012. 

Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llorda said she will review the report and released the following statement Friday morning.

"My heart is heavy knowing that the report carries more detailed information about the victims. I can only imagine the hurt such information carries for the families of the loved ones. Let this be the last of the releases, unless there is some good to be gained by additional information," the statement said.

The release came about a month after Danbury State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III released a 48-page summary report based on the documents, concluding that shooter Adam Lanza acted alone in planning and carrying out the massacre. No motive was found for the deadly shootings, the report said. He also killed his mother before the school shooting and killed himself after police arrived at the school, the report said. 

Read about that summary report here on The Daily Voice.

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Comments (18)

Broad River:

Get your paperwork in by Tuesday Ken. The Freedom of Information Act will allow people to know where the assault weapons are.

Elizabeth G:

Its time the right wingers take responsibility for the destruction they have caused


This is an objective question and neither to pass judgment for or against firearms control -- if the aim of the Constitution in the right to own weapons is 'to keep the gov at bay', the gov retains more 'fire power' than any arsenal that a private individual can stockpile, so the individual will not 'win out' against any gov confrontation -- the individuals who do choose to 'take on' the gov forces usually lose their lives -- and often take their own in the end with the weapons they relied on for protection. It just seems that the case laid out in the Constitution does not hold the relevancy in these modern times. Any opinions?

Broad River:

The Constitution wanted us to be able to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, at the time of it's writing it was Britain. Regular citizens cannot arm themselves with cruise missiles so we've turned to writing laws. The penis mightier than the sword !


Hey, Right Wing come Chicago, Detroit, Philly and LA are such a mess? All cities with tough gun control laws. Thank God we have the Second Amendment.


How come all of the US Is out of control with guns crimes and the UK virtually has none. Repeal the second amendment.


OK, repeal the Second Amendment, if you can. If you can't, make a statement, by putting a sign on your front lawn that you are a liberal; and that your house is a gun-free zone. It will be such a comfort to you and your family when you are awakened by the glass breaking in the kitchen door at 3AM.

Elizabeth G:

58 Murders a Year by Firearms in Britain, 8,775 in US


Not quite. Look at the comparative violent crime rates and you'll reach a different conclusion. Better yet - look at Chicago which has toughest gun control laws in US. Streets are unsafe and mayhem everywhere.

M3 Driver:

the second amendment must be repealed.

Broad River:

It's 2 words only one has any meaning. lol. The other is like Ken's "alot". Not a word and has no meaning.
A few people here would be better off fighting for adequate education instead of crying that they won't be able to buy the new assault weapons.
These are some of the same people who seem to be U.S. Constitutional experts.
Living in a Republic with a democratic process eludes them. In one breath they claim laws are passed because the elected officials see the children as political currency and in the next breath claim they will be voted out of office come next term, that's complete juxtaposition of thinking.

Ken P Jr:

Actually those people are victims of failed Democrat gun control, plain & simple.
Blaming an organization is easy I guess, but it exposes ignorance & the lack of an ability to draw rational logical conclusions from things. Lets see if you can understand, 1779 to 1990, how many mass school shootings? I can think of the guy in Texas but thats it. 211 years with only one that I recall, maybe a couple more but a very rare thing to say the least. That with NO prohibition against guns in schools. Then we get 1990 to 2013, how many school shootings? Heck I can't count them. Dozens at any rate. So, what unGodly thing did the NRA do in 1990? Hmmmmm,,, nothing I can see, so what went wrong? Only thing meaningful was the passage of the national "gun free school law". But at least that law has an exemption for those licensed to carry a handgun. So in 1992 CT decided to upstage the Feds by barring even people vetted by the govt from carrying in schools. The result is that the CT 1992 legislature pretty much condemned those people to death. Not nice but it is what it is. They made sure and certain that anytime a homicidal lunatic enters a public school he can kill our kids & teachers with the knowledge that he is safe from harm.
A more stupid irresponsible thing is hard to think of.


Agree. Watch the Left ignore the facts and resort to name-calling. It's the only thing they have left when the facts aren't on their side and the truth really hurts. Checkmate.


Veronique Pozner, whose son Noah died in the attack, showed task force members the last picture taken of her son the night before the shooting as she urged broad new restrictions.

She recalled her son’s inquisitive nature. “He used to ask, ‘If there are bad guys out there, why can’t they just all wake up one day and decide to be good?’ ”


Let these people rest in peace, what's else do you need to know..SMH
Prayers to the families

Ken P Jr:

They are resting in peace, but why on earth wouldn't you want to know how this was allowed to happen? Or better yet how can you not ask how our legislature created & passed a law, one they call the most restrictive gun control law in the country, wayyyyyy back in April which was meant to prevent another Newtown, when the investigation only recently was completed? Thats 8 months before they got ANY real info on the how or why of it.
You might not care that everyone in CT got turned into second class citizens in April and had their civil rights trampled. But you should at least want to know if this law would have mattered. Since Im pretty sure you won't bother to read the report let me clue you in, NOTHING passed in April will prevent another Newtown from occurring tomorrow, NOTHING.
Remember that come election time. Remember that our children mean nothing to those in Hartford today, other than political currency.


Its obsessed individuals like you that are the reason we need gun laws

Right Wing Insanity:

This was allowed to happen because of the NRA owning the republicans

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