Fairfield Man Charged With Hitting Own Child After DCF Investigation

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A Fairfield man was arrested on charges of hitting his own child after an investigation by the state Department of Children and Families, Fairfield police said.

DCF became involved with the case after a local school reported that an 11-year-old child was seen with bruises on his face and shoulder, police said. 

In the police report, Naser Arnaout, 49, said he and the child had an argument about how the child is behaving in school and said the child slammed the door in his face.

Police arrested Arnaout on Thursday on charges of risk of injury to a minor, disorderly conduct and third-degree assault. No court information was available. 

No further information was released about the investigation of the child, police said. 

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They should give him an award, not arrest him. Everyone complains about bad parenting when kids act up, this guy whacks the little smart ass and gets locked up.