Fairfield Police Investigate Theft Of Cooking Grease From Restaurant

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Fairfield police are looking for two people who seen near Rawley's Drive Inn at about the time cooking grease was taken from a bin behind the eatery on Monday morning, police said. 

A neighbor to the hot dog restaurant called the owner to report that at about 7 a.m. two suspicious people were near the area of the eatery's grease bin, police said. 

It was not known how much grease was taken from the bin, police said. But the owner said this was not the first time cooking oil has been taken from the restaurant, police said. 

The oil from fast food restaurants such as Rawley's can be used as bio-fuel, and that could be the reason behind the theft, police said. 

The witness got a license plate number from the car the two suspects got into, police said. Police are currently investigating the incident. 

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Comments (6)

The ghost of Chico.

Watch for the tailpipe smoke-----Smells liked OVERPRICED Hot Dogs !!!

WOW CSI fair field !!!!! They sped off in their Diesel Powered VW [powered by reused(Politically Correct) filtered cooking oil!!!!!