Fairfield Police Seek Woman Wanted In Grocery Store Shoplifting

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – After causing a scene at the Stop & Shop on Villa Avenue in Fairfield, a woman left the store with two six-packs of beer, police said.

A store employee told police that they were standing behind a woman in the self check out line and watched as she paid only $2.75 for a full cart of groceries.

She was attempting to leave the store with $389 in unpaid items when she was approached by the store loss prevention, the police report said. The employee asked to see a receipt for the merchandise, which she said she had lost, police said.

She then attempted to leave the store, but the employee pulled the cart back in, police said. This reportedly occurred several times, causing a scene as she called the employee vulgar and insulting names, police said.

Eventually, she fled with two six-packs of beer, police said. Police were able to track the woman as to someone who lives in Trumbull with a past larceny arrest and who is on probation.

Police were continuing to investigate.

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