Fairfield Police: Suspect Used Fake $20s To Buy Bedspreads, Flatware

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Fairfield police were called to the Bed Bath and Beyond on Kings Highway East after a man used 10 counterfeit $20 bills to purchase items at the store, police said.

The suspect purchased bedspreads and a box of flatware, spending a total of $404, police said. He used a mixture of good currency with the $200 in counterfeit bills, police said.

The suspect was described as a black man between the ages of 25 and 30, 6 feet tall and 160 pounds, police said. 

Police said that the suspect returned the items to a Bed Bath and Beyond store in Mount Vernon, N.Y., shortly after buying them at the Fairfield store. He was given valid currency when he made the return, police said. Other Bed Bath and Beyond locations have reported similar incidents, police say.

Fairfield police were continuing to investigate the incident.

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