Fairfield Woman Arrested After Leaving 2 Young Children In Car At Store

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - An off-duty Fairfield firefighter called police Wednesday afternoon after spotting two children sitting in a car left running in front of the Bob's Store on the Post Road, police said.

The firefighter had observed the running car, with the children inside, parked in the fire lane at the front of the store for several minutes before contacting police, the report said. The firefighter said he assumed a parent would be coming out of the store soon, police said. 

Officers arrived and opened the door to the unlocked minivan, police said. They found two children, a 2- and 4-year-old, sitting in the air-conditioned vehicle with a video playing, police said. 

Officers told the children that everything was all right, police said. Some time later, the mother, identified as 37-year-old Jennifer Ranney of Fairfield, came out of the store, police said. 

When asked why she had left her children in car, Ranney told officers that she was in constant view of the car and her children, police said. She said she had gone into the store only to purchase items that she had previously left in there, police said. 

Ranney was charged with leaving a child under 12-years-old unsupervised and released on a written promise to appear in court on June 30. 

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Comments (7)

I agree with spuerini. Stop the rush to judgement. Next time you bring groceries in the house before your kids, you could be the one in the news.

NONE of you know this woman personally so please stop with the nasty judgmental comments. You have not walked in her shoes, you have not lived her life, you know nothing about her. We all have made mistakes that we have regretted. The fact is, she made a poor judgement call. That is her cross to bear and not yours. How would you feel if your mistakes were publicized all over the internet and local news of the town you live in? Can you even imagine what that might feel like to read the same comments about yourself? Stop judging others and try to be kind and understanding. Or at the very least - If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. Take a minute to think before you decide to blindly pass judgement on complete stranger. "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7

and FTR, I was not left in a car alone as a toddler while growing up, nor do I leave my kids in the car alone to even run in and pay for gas, you never know what can happen! And I am sorry, but if I was in full view of a car with my children in it, the minute I saw anyone near it, cop or other I would of been out there, not some time later. What did she think she should keep shopping since the kids were safe with the officer? The fireman waited, as stated in the article, the waited hoping she would come out, when she did not, he called, he did the right thing and the mother did the wrong thing, she deserves what she gets on this one, sorry!
you do no tthink about the what if's, like what if someone hit the car while it was parked, what if the car stalled right after she walked in the store, what if that 4 year old got out of their car seat and somehow figured out how to put the car in drive... there are a lot of what if's when you leave your kids alone!

if the car was in total view, how did she not see officers opening the doors to enter the van. I'm sorry, time to change your fb profile, mother of the year you are not and I hope for your punishment they leave you in a hot car, not running to suffer for a few hours!

Good for Him !!!!!!! And GOOD FOR HER !!!!! First the car was parked illegally(Fire Lane) Second it was running Remember a couple of years ago in Bridgeport Bumped a gear shift into Drive and four people drowned !
Really !! She Most likely would have Told Him to BUZZ OFF !!!! and she would have learned NOTHING and most likely would have done it again.
Cheers to the Fire Fighter !!!!!!! BOOs to the mom .....

It's a shame that this off duty firefighter didn't wait by the car a little longer until the mother came out. This is probably a great mom who had a lapse in judgement. Perhaps she didn't even realize that leaving her children in the car was against the law. A warning from him may have made her not do it again. After all, we used to be left in cars all the time growing up! It is so difficult to be a parent now a days. We are so quick to judge each other and call the police on people instead of just helping out. Now this mom will have an arrest record and most likely have to pay a fortune in legal fees.

he did the right thing for the kids, the mother gets no consideration in this, kids come first. The sarticle states that he did wait a few minutes for her to come out, then called the police, then the police came, got into the van, a few minutes later she came out.... that is an awfully long time for those kids to be alone, what, did you want him to wait an hour, two? 1 minute is to long for a child alone in the car, you never know what can happen!