Fairfield Woman Charged With Smearing Dog Feces On Cars

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. – A Fairfield woman was charged with rubbing dog feces on car door handles as retaliation for parking on her street, according to police reports.

A woman reported that dog feces had been smeared on the driver’s side door handle of her car while it was parked on New England Avenue Tuesday. The woman said the same thing had happened a few days earlier, on Dec. 14.

Police interviewed residents on the street, including Kimberly Ann Porter, 23. Porter initially told police her car had been vandalized also, but the officer found dust on her door handle, according to the police report. She had been holding a dog during their interview, and there was a bag containing dog feces in her garbage, police say.

Porter then came clean, according to the police report, and told officers she was punishing commuters who park on her street instead of the lot at the Fairfield Metro Train station, police say.

She was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, a misdemeanor, and released on a promise to appear in court Jan. 8.

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Comments (3)

@Jackie-- You are soo right! OMG! What a bag of embarrassment!! Now all this lady's friends & family gonna know what she did!! I'd be so ashamed!!
Clearly this lady has too much free time on her hands! Perhaps she should pick up a hobby instead of trolling the streets, to find out where people are parking their cars!

Dog fences on a car door handle? Really?? In retaliation, of where someone parks their car on a street? Really?? Wow!!
Either this nutcase forgot to take her medicine or she definitely needs to start taking some!!

Good for her. People need to take into consideration where they are parking before they put the gear into P. No reason for this article I'm sure she told them not to park there before and they disregarded. Get the real story before the media slams false information into your brain.