Fairfield Woman Loses $11K By Falling Prey To Fake IRS Scam

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A Fairfield woman was scammed out of more than $11,000 by a caller pretending to be from the IRS.
A Fairfield woman was scammed out of more than $11,000 by a caller pretending to be from the IRS. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- A Fairfield woman was bilked out of more than $11,000 by a phone scam artist pretending to be from the IRS, according to the Fairfield Sun. 

The scammer called the woman and said that if she didn't pay the amount she owed to the IRS, her assets and bank accounts would be frozen, the Sun reported. He then instructed her to purchase prepaid debit cards and provide him the account numbers, the Fairfield Sun reported. 

The woman complied with the caller's request and purchased $8,000 worth of prepaid cards and gave the caller the card numbers, the Sun reported. Another caller then contacted the victim and persuaded her to purchase another $3,414.63 in green dot cards, the Fairfield Sun reported. 

The Fairfield Police Department issued a warning that many residents have fallen victim to such fraudulent telephone scams. In the scam, the unknown callers claim to be representatives of an organization such as the IRS, Police Departments, or utility companies, police said.

In each case, the caller will indicate a major problem, police warned. A solution will be presented that will involve a monetary transaction, usually involving purchasing gift cards or wiring money, police said.

All of these calls are scams, police warned. Residents should hang up on the caller, provide no personal information, and never send money or gift card numbers to anyone you do not personally know. 

Any resident who has lost money due to this fraudulent activity is urged to report the crime to the Fairfield Police by calling 203-254-4800.

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