Police: Fairfield Suspect Violated Restraining Order

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Jeffrey Schare, 43, of Fairfield was charged with violating a restraining order by Fairfield Police Thursday. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Fairfield Police

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Police have filed new charges against a Fairfield man accused of inappropriate sexual contact with two young girls, according to police reports.

Jeffrey Schare, 43, a former coach at Westport’s Staples High School, was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault in December after he was accused of having sexual contact with two Fairfield girls, police say. He pleaded not guilty to the charges on Jan. 23.

After his court hearing last week, Schare was seen in his car near the home of one of his accusers, according to police reports. The victims and others involved in the case have active protective and restraining orders against Schare that prohibit him from being in their vicinity, police say.

Schare was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with violation of a protective order and violation of a restraining order, both felonies.  He was taken to court Thursday morning for arraignment.

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