Police Investigate More Car Break-Ins At Fairfield's Edge Fitness Club

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - On the Fourth of July, Fairfield police were called to the Edge Fitness Club on Kings Highway Cutoff after two cars were broken into in the parking lot, police said.

A club employee called police to report the break-ins. One car had a window broken, and $500 in Michael Kors wallet and purses, a $200 white iPhone 5 and case, a Coach ID holder and the victim's driver's licenses and debit and credit cards, which were canceled immediately, were reported taken, police said. Police estimated the damage to the window at $400.

The second car had been left unlocked, and the victim reported that $40 in cash, credit cards and a friend's debit card were taken, police said. The debit card had been used at the nearby CVC Pharmacy in the short time before the thefts were reported, police said.

According to employees at the Edge, both cars were in an area of the parking lot that did not have video surveillance. Police were investigating. 

Car break-ins were reported earlier this year in the parking lot at the Edge Fitness Club, police said. 

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Comments (4)

(marcy.manes:) thumbs up

And the lockers at the gym aren't safe either. That's why people have there stuff in their cars in the first place.

This goes on ALL the time. Stupid people leave valuables in the car...often in plain sight. How about a little stakeout action by Fairfield PD?

i would have to disagree with your comment. my friend's car got stolen right outside the derby edge. The thief broke open his locker and took his keys. Technically it doesn't matter where you leave your valuables.