Prosecutor Reviews Ridgefield Officer's Fatal Shooting Of 75-Year-Old Man

The fatal shooting occurred at this home on Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield.
The fatal shooting occurred at this home on Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield. Photo Credit: File Photo

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- The State Police investigation into the fatal shooting of 75-year-old Ridgefield resident John Valluzzo has been completed. But a state's attorney has yet to make a decision on whether the Ridgefield police officer who shot him was justified in his actions, according to Danbury News Times.

Danbury State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III has been reviewing the findings for "a couple of weeks" and will give his decision later in the spring, according to the article.

On May 24, 2013, Valluzzo waved a handgun at police at his rural Ridgefield home after a domestic dispute was called into police, according to police reports. He was shot by an officer multiple times and died later at Danbury Hospital.

The police officer, Jorge Romero, a seven-year veteran of the department, was placed on administrative leave after the shooting death.

Valluzzo owned the 9,000-square-foot, four-bedroom home on Ridgebury Road on 3.5 acres where the shooting occurred, real estate records show. It was built in 2001.

Valluzzo was the founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury.

The museum recently sold a World War II tank that was in storage to a private collector to help with funds since Valluzzo was the museum's main benefactor, according to the article.

Valluzzo's family stated in October that it reserves the right to sue the town of Ridgefield over his death.

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Its time that these right wing cops stop shooting and killing people

First story- Cops said incident happened in the front yard.
Second story- Girlfriend said she heard voices downstairs.
Third story- Cops said they tried to get gun away from Mr. Valluzzo in the house.
Fourth story- Cops said they tried to get Mr. Valluzzo to drop the gun, in the house, but instead he pointed it at them.

MY opinion- Cops showed up because of a third party call stating there was a domestic incident. Cops broke in because they "had a right to". Mr. Valluzzo heard someone break in, investigated, saw police and was surprised. They ordered him to drop the gun. Being his house, surprised and confused, he objected. Cops rushed him, wrestled him, and shot him without him getting a chance to even think of what was going on. Cops should have waited for the hostage negotiator that was on the way. The Cops shouldn't have busted in and murdered the man because of a third party phone call. If there was any real emergency the girlfriend could have dialed three simple numbers,911; instead of the ten numbers she did. Bottom line- My Valluzzo was murdered.

What is the status of the trigger happy cop?

He should be in prison.

The cop is on a desk job or "administrative leave".

How about holding liberals accountable for there actions. And lets start with the president for not prosecuting Gabby Giffords husband for lying on a 4473 gun purchase form. And Sara Brady for straw buying a gun for her son that can not own one. So either put up or shut up ROBBIE BOY!!

There is no proof that Valluzzo waved the gun or pointed it at police. Oh yeah, that's right, the cops said he did so it must be true. It's well known that many cops will lie to protect other cops.

Just curious? What do you suggest when a man is waving a gun at an officer?

Lets turn that around. What do you suggest when an officer waves a gun at you? If YOU would not be justified then neither should the officer.
Seems obvious that BOTH men had a gun in their hand but only one started shooting. Im not anti cop but Cops are just people and should be treated like the rest of us in most cases. When people see an officer with a gun in his hand they don't start shooting, when an officer sees a man with a gun in his hand, especially on his own property, it shouldn't mean to start shooting.

It's time that we start holding cops accountable for their actions.