Redding Police Act After Two Teens Post Gun Photos On Instagram

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Redding Police responded to two incidents of middle schoolers posting pictures of guns on Instagram recently. Photo Credit: File

REDDING, Conn. -- Redding officers were investigating two incidents in which middle-school students posted photos of handguns on Instagram with questionable comments on Thursday, Chief of Police Douglas S. Fuchs said in a statement.

A 13-year-old boy posted, “I think I’m ready to go to school :-) ,” under a photo of what appeared to be two handguns, Fuchs said. 

The weapons turned out to be air soft-type facsimile firearms, he said. The boy was immediately located, found to have no weapons, and after an investigation was charged with disorderly conduct, Fuchs said. He was released into the custody of a parent.

Redding police seized both weapons, one of which had the orange-colored tip, which identifies it as a facsimile firearm, removed.

The other incident remained under investigation, in which a 13-year-old posted a picture of a revolver with the caption “Damn, I love revolvers,” police said. The photo was apparently from the Internet. 

"In both cases, police officers, through their investigation, determined that the student did not have immediate access to any other firearms nor were any actually brought to school," Fuchs said.

"Both of these incidents were investigated jointly with school administration and at no time were students ever in any actual danger," he said. 

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Comments (18)


Total CYA by the cops. I guess if this kid ever makes an illegal u-turn someday, the cops can say "We charged him disorderly conduct"


OK, first kid - stupid, juvenile and what could be expected from a 13 year old.
He obviously thought he was being funny or witty and in retrospect, had he not posted it for all to see it would have been another in the long line of stupid things young males do or say. Charges filed? Great, now he has a juvenile record for essentially doing nothing other than being a stupid 13 year old.

The second one should be apologized to and the Police should be thankful if his parents don't file a freedom of speech suit. I like revolvers too, there I said it. Is this Nazi Germany, should I wait for a knock on the door now?

Common sense has been thrown away, kids can't make mistakes and if we happen to think or say something questionable, we are not given any slack.


The kids' actions show how detached their focus is in the aftermath of Newtown. And as for BB guns being somehow considered not a threat, no one wants their child coming home with an eye put out by the mishandling of what some people deem a harmless 'toy.'


Disorderly conduct is the biggest BS charge. Should be thrown out. You can be a bad dancer and charged with disorderly conduct. Its an all-encompassing trumped up charge. Yeah, great police work.


Ditto 'Breach of Peace'

Broad River:

It's perhaps a poor analogy, but it's akin to yelling' fire ' in a theater. It can't be ignored less something happens and scrambling to every utterance is costly. Bill the parents for the police hours and see how fast it ends. We all know what the intent was regardless of how poorly it was cloaked.


We can not be to careful these day with all the right wing wackos running around doing mass shootings.

jason parraga.5:

The police should be commended for a well done job.

Ken P Jr:

The first kid warranted attention, but I think arrest MIGHT have been overdoing it. The second kid deserves an apology and somebody needs to reprimand the PD for an obvious over reaction to a totally non threatening post.


Two views on this: One, the cops absolutely cannot ignore posts like this in light of what has gone on. Two, after ascertaining that there was no harm in these boys, they should have been told not to do stuff like that in the future, and let go. Any charge, no matter how minor, would be an outrage, and thrown out of court on First Amendment grounds. Incidentally, the sheriffs dept. in Littleton Co. visited one of the killers houses because of very specific threats to do exactly what they did; and they found they had no grounds to do anything about it.


I think in the light of what's gone on in this state over the last year,
perhaps they should experience a "scared straight" day in a jail like Ossining or the like! Obviously they have no supervision and WAY to much time on their hands I'm sure Chief Fuchs will do something to occupy their time now!


Sean you are 100 percent correct


So a kid likes guns, he cannot post a pic without being harassed?


What are you rambling about?? He got arrested for his comment that we was ready for school while holding what looked like a real gun. This would be the same as screaming fire in a movie theater. Maybe you forgot about Newtown.


Yeah, that kid could have gunned down other students with those pellet guns. Real scary.

Broad River:

Only to incite, that's crime enough. Classmates trampling one another is the scary danger here.


The second kid did nothing wrong. And yea a pellet gun? Please, nothing scary about it. You are correct.


Try thinking before you post for a change.

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