Son Of Wilton Woman Mauled By Dog Charged With Letting Pet Roam Free

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Ian Murray
Ian Murray Photo Credit: Wilton Police

WILTON, Conn. — The son of a Wilton woman who was attacked last November by the family’s pit bull turned himself in to police on a warrant for failing to respond to an infraction ticket he received for letting the dog roam free, police said.

In addition to allowing the dog to roam, Ian Murray, 26, of Range Road was cited for possession of a vicious dog and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements, police said. These charges stem from an Aug. 4 incident in which the dog wandered onto a neighbor’s property and growled, police said.

Murray turned himself into police Feb. 4 and was released after posting $200 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Thursday, Feb. 13.

The dog was cared for by Murray and his twin brother. It is the same dog that attacked Murray’s 65-year-old mother, Anne Murray, on Nov. 11, at the family’s home. Anne Murray was home alone with the dog when the attack occurred.

She lost her left arm and part of her right arm in the attack. The dog was shot and killed by Wilton Police Capt. John Lynch, the first responding officer, after it was determined the dog was a threat.

It is not known what caused the dog to attack. Rabies was not a factor in the attack and a necropsy performed on the dog showed nothing unusual, police said.

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Comments (11)

This is the most dangerous breed of dogs in decades.. At no other time has a breed given us so much reason to hate it.

Port Chester as most low rent areas are filled with Pit bulls

the house they live in is a blight site. irresponsible children

Pit bulls should be banned . The pit bull owner will tell you how sweet the dog is until one day it turns on them and mauls them.

Pit bulls should be banned?? The correction to this comment, which obviously was made by an ignorant person, is that the human that raised the Pitbull should be banned!! Could have been any breed,,, it's the POS owner that raised the dog. Ugh, people can be so ignorant...yes, I own a pit bull & yes, she is smart, loyal, playful & loving! Dude, you are clueless!!!

and you know, we can go on and on.

Every decade its a new dog to hate. Yes people are ignorant...

Actually after reading your uninformed comment you seem to be the ignorant one. Only a fool would own a pit bull as they have proven time and again to be unstable. Also they are ugly. I agree CT needs to outlaw the breed.

I agree pit bull owners are ignorant. Lots of this type in PORT CHESTER

I hope he will never be allowed to own another dog, since he clearly cant handle the responsibility.

Maybe it was his evil twin.