Theft Of Copper Pipe In Fairfield House Leads To Flooded First Floor

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A Fairfield house sustained $10,000 in damages after copper pipes were taken and the first floor was flooded, police said.

Someone entered the house on Fairway Green between Jan. 10 and 11 and took copper pipes from the main water line, an air conditioning unit, a flat screen TV and miscellaneous jewelry, police said.

The baseboard radiators were ripped out of the walls and the copper pipes to the heater, boiler and main waterlines were cut and taken, which caused the first floor to flood, the police report said. The Fire Department and Aquarion Water arrived to help mitigate the situation. 

The home is currently unoccupied, and police said the real estate agent told the property manager about the situation.

During a canvas of the neighborhood, police spoke to a neighbor who said they saw two Hispanic men enter the house on Jan. 9 but believed they were maintenance workers. 

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