Police: Fairfield Woman Stole Tip Money From Restaurant In Front Of Kids

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Stacy Flanagan of Fairfield is accused of stealing money from tip jars at a Westport restaurant in front of two children. Photo Credit: Westport Police

WESTPORT, Conn. — A 44-year-old Fairfield woman was arrested on charges of stealing money from tip jars at a Westport restaurant she visited with two small children, Westport police say.

Stacy Flanagan, of High Meadow Road, is accused of stealing a tip jar off the counter of a restaurant she visited on Dec. 31, police say. She later stole money from a second tip jar to pay for her order while the cashier was distracted, the police report says.

Police would not comment on the age of the children with Flanagan, or whether the children were her own.

Flanagan was identified as the suspect after surveillance video from the restaurant was aired on local media, police say.

She turned herself in to Westport police last Friday on an arrest warrant and admitted to taking the money, police say.

Flanagan was charged with two counts of risk of injury to a child, a felony. She was also charged with sixth-degree larceny, a misdemeanor. She was released after posting $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on March 3.

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Comments (9)


Do you extend the same sympathy and understanding to all people who commit crimes or just the ones you know?



Ken P Jr:

She took a shot and got caught. If she needs help I'm sure she'll get it. They're not going to lock her up for stealing tips, she obviously has issues. Sad thing.

Dee Zee:

She should have realized the consequences before she stole the money.


We don't need to know this. I don't know her and don't need to. Are you trying to ruin her life? She needs help and this report is not helping her unfortunate situation. This should not be used as a gossip column.


Tommygirl, I respectfully disagree. This woman made a decision to steal. Actions have consequences and this story along with the police record are part of those consequences. She's the one who "ruined" her life by taking the money, not the police, the restaurant owners or the Norwalk Daily Voice. To top it off, she provided the children with her with an extremely poor example of how an adult should act.


Lives in a $1M home and steals tips from waitresses?


Don't judge a person by her address. She is in a difficult situation, obviously, or she wouldn't be driven to such action. There may be underlying issues for which you show no sympathy. This woman needs help and understanding, not ostracizing comments and ridicule.


And what about the waitresses who now are in a difficult situation themselves, because someone stole the tip money they were relying on for their rent or other expenses?

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