Woman Charged With Possession Of More Than 70 Pills After Fairfield Crash

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Update: FAIRFIELD, Conn. — All charges in this case were dismissed by Connecticut Superior Court. 

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A woman who abandoned her car after a crash on Black Rock Turnpike was arrested after she was found with more than 70 prescription pills in one bottle, Fairfield police said.  

The police report said Melissa Tristine-Keough, 39, of Bridgeport, she failed to negotiate a traffic circle on Black Rock Turnpike and lost control of the car. Officers found her damaged car with two flat tires but no occupants, police said.

The one-car accident Saturday afternoon damaged the median and a sign, police said.

A patrol officer later saw Keough walking on Commerce Drive and stopped her, police said. Officers determined she had been the driver of the damaged car, police said. She declined to go to the hospital, police said.

Officers issued a field sobriety test, which she failed, police said. In her car, officers found a pill bottle filled with four different types of prescription medication, according to a pharmacist. 

Police say Keough had no written prescriptions for any of the medications.

Keough was charged driving under the influence, failure to drive right, failure to keep drug in the original container, possession of narcotics and interfering with an officer. She was held on $500 bond and released with a court date of Sept. 9 at Bridgeport Superior Court. 

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Comments (2)

I have known this person since 1990s. I worked with her for over 20 years. This article is not a reflection of her or her character. She is a hard working, independent, strong willed human being. Any one who has had the pleasure of making her aacquaintance would know that this article is inaccurate and inflammatory. I wonder if the author actually did any follow up to this story. Its the type of article that you would see in a super market tabloid. Its a shame that people can write anything they choose to about another human being and isnt held accountable for their stories. Just go to show that not everything on the internet is accurate.

Was this person ever convicted? Alissa, you seem to pick the low hanging fruit for your articles. Maybe you are in charge of posting the embarrassing indiscretions of County citizens. Do you ever attempt to followup on any of your "police blotter" regurgitations and point out that all charges were dismissed in this particular case? Would you please take your article off of the internet as it provides no value to the good people of Fairfield County and only lingers to perpetually defame this woman's good character and impinges on her ability to become and stay gainfully employed. Again, please go as high up the chain of command, as is necessary, for your employer to remove this article from your servers. Thank you.