Foley's Primary Win Sets Up Rematch Against Malloy In Gubernatorial Race

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Greenwich's Tom Foley speaks to supporters in Waterbury after he won the Republican primary for governor on Tuesday evening.
Greenwich's Tom Foley speaks to supporters in Waterbury after he won the Republican primary for governor on Tuesday evening. Photo Credit: Tom Foley on CT-N

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- It will be a Malloy-Foley rematch in the race for governor in Connecticut in November.

Republican Tom Foley of Greenwich swept to an easy victory over his Republican rival, state Sen. John McKinney of Fairfield, in Tuesday's GOP primary. 

The next battle for the Greenwich multimillionaire will be against Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, who eked out a narrow 6,404 vote win over Foley in the 2010 governor's race.

A jubilant Foley spoke to his supporters in Waterbury late Tuesday, telling them that he is the candidate for change.

"Change is on the way. Change is coming to Connecticut," he told the crowd. "Dan Malloy has had has chance and change is coming."

Foley, as he did during his campaign for the Republican nomination, painted himself as a political outsider who can get things done.

"I am a businessperson. I know how to fix these problems, I have been doing it for 35 years. I am an outsider who will go to the Capitol and shake things up and bring new ideas," Foley said in his victory speech. 

He praised McKinney for his campaign.

"I really appreciate his energies and the ideas that he brought to the campaign trail, and I really want to congratulate him on his service over 15 years to this great state and in defending Republican principles at the capitol," Foley said.

In his comments as he conceded the race in Fairfield, McKinney said he would do whatever he could to elect Foley as governor.

"The race does not end tonight," McKinney said. "The goal was to elect a new governor. The goal was to make Dan Malloy a one-term governor and to get a fiscally responsible Republican in the office and that goal is still in front of us."

He praised Foley for running what he said was a better race in the primary run.

Foley spent most of his victory speech, which clocked in at just under five minutes, attacking Malloy.

"Dan Malloy has had four years to fix things and most of the things under his leadership have actually gotten worse," Foley said.

He also accused Malloy of not being straight with Connecticut residents and took a swipe at the "tone" of the governor's office.

"We need a more civil tone in the governor's office. More honesty and more straight talk with the citizens," he said. 

Foley said he would be a pro-growth governor who would cut taxes for residents while investing in the state's infrastructure and schools.

He said he will begin the campaign against Malloy first thing Wednesday morning.

"Tomorrow I will resume the campaign for change in leadership and a new direction for our great state," he said. "If you are unhappy with how things are please join us. Pride and prosperity in Connecticut aren't that far away, but they are just in a different direction."

As of late Tuesday, there was no result in the Republican lieutenant governor's race among Penny Bacchiochi, Heather Somers and David Walker.

In the GOP comptroller race, Sharon McLaughlin prevailed over Angel Cadena.

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Comments (30)

Just bookmarking this thread

All polls show a win for Malloy

Most polls show a win for Foley. But women show a big lean for Malloy. Funny how that works women do not care about their rights being trashed or the biggest Tax increase since Lowell Weicker instituted the Income Tax in 1991. I guess people like to give away their hard earned moneys.And have their rights trashed. Very sad indeed.

All polls show that it will be a win for Malloy

I find it interesting that everyone knows the nonsense for a better word that took place when Malloy was elected. Further more it took 3 days and mysterious ballots were found and all of them were for Malloy. (I personally find this impossible) So with that i would think maybe the people deserve an honest election this time. Just one other fact. There are 1160 reasons thousands of voters are going to vote for Foley this time. Including Democrats . November will soon be here and we will see if the voters in this state come to there senses and cleans out Hartford. This is my opinion and just for the record i do not drink. So i would appreciate my right to comment on this issue as i respect others that also post there feelings. But as usual the Malloy supporters Democrats spout off nonsense if you have a different view than there's we must be drunk. Very sad and disturbing at the least!

You sound like my type.. I am a gay black Muslim queen and you?

I seem to have misplaced my wine enema

You might be a turd eating freak,black or not,but your butt loving sodomite Dannel is going to take it up the poop shute in November.Will you be there to clean his rump?

Has anyone seen my wine enema

John,you sound like an intelligent person,rare on this site,but not unexpected since they ruined the Fairfield Patch.Unfortunately you will find this site ruined by creeps and kooks.Needless to say,thank God Foley won,because he is the one to beat the union butt boy "Danell"What a stupid name.Danny boy supports lazy ingrates who work 35 hours a week for the state.Overpaid,underworked,bums who wouldn't last 2 weeks in the private sector.You could get rid of 10 % of the state "workforce",and if run like things were in the real world.wouldnt miss one of them. Good bye Dannel. What a stupid name.

He lost once, he'll lose again!

This guarantees a win for Malloy.. This is great news as he can finish repairing the destruction caused by the convicted felon Republican Rowland and the Republican grandma Rell.

All polls are showing a Malloy victory

Except the ones that, you know, don't:

Two weeks ago: Foley 42/ Malloy 33%
Commissioned by the NY Times, a publication that will endorse Malloy and CBS News.

And then there is the NH Register's polls that shows it too close to call with a huge number undecided:

Powers, aren't you a member of the reality-based community? If so, how do you deal with reality?

Thomas pain in the ass.. Stop making thing up again.

Geez, even the former president's johnson can come up with better retorts than you.

WOW Thomas are you high or drunk?

I just hope no mysterious ballots show up this time. We need a drastic change in this state to fix all these issues at hand.

What are you rambling about? Have you been drinking?

Yeah, maybe John means the shenanigans that the Democrat machine in Bridgeport played in 2010, the liberal media ignored and the machined made "disappear".

Whether that made the decisive difference or not, something stunk in Bridgeport that cycle and it wasn't low tide.

Tommy little dick
The link you posted has been debunked...

Based on current polls and the last election, this rematch could also be close (particularly if the dead in Bridgeport turnout to vote). Thus, at the margin, 10-20,000 anti-Malloy gun owners could present the margin of victory for Foley in November. Thousands of law-abiding owners who did not turn out in 2010 or those who voted for Malloy in that cycle, are poised to make their voices heard at the ballot. Jobs, taxes, economic stagnation will all be center issues but for some, this is a one-issue decision.

Seek help with your gun obsession.

Powers, how does a discussion of voter turnout indicate some sort of gun obsession? Gun owners turned out to vote against McKinney - fact. End of discussion.

Are you high or drunk???I really like your use name I think I will make it mine.

I love how you right wing kooks make things up

NorwalkTroll or NewtownTroll? Your inanity seems very familiar from the Patch.

What have I made up Troll? Challenge me on some fact so we can actually see if your vacuous charges have any merit.

Tommy Toes
All your posts are right wing wacko lies and propaganda.. The problem is you are so stupid you believe them.

FINALLY someone with a BRAIN!

Sean always the proud idiot.