Hwang Represents Educators On Teacher Evaluation Guidelines

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Fairfield state Rep. Tony Hwang (R-134) appeared in front of the legislative Education Committee for a public hearing in March to speak in favor of revising teacher evaluation guidelines. 

Hwang spoke on behalf of retired Fairfield teacher Roberta Stone on proposed House Bill 5331, which would revise guidelines for the new teacher evaluation system to not include their linking to standardized test scores, according to a release. 

Hwang said he was testifying on behalf of all the quality teachers who were unable to attend the hearing. 

"Mrs. Stone is unable to attend due to a significant hip injury and I hope that her statement will also represent the sentiments of some many of our quality teachers who are unable to attend today," Hwang said. "They are doing what they do BEST, they are teaching our kids in school."

During the testimony, Education Committee Ranking member Timothy Ackert (R-8th District) asked Hwang about the preferences of teachers on the use of teacher evaluation systems in educational assessment.

"When you talk to teachers, they love what they do. When you talk to parents in our community, they love the fact that we have one of the greatest education structures in the country that offers free education," Hwang said. "The problem is that we, as lawmakers, are making decisions by fiat - without incorporating the major shareholders - the educators on the grass roots level; the parents who are engaged with the kids. We are putting in plans, however perfect, however well-intentioned - the best of systems will never work if you do not engage the people who are impacted by it."

Hwang said he has met with and received correspondence from teachers, parents, administrators and union representatives who share the same concern that this program must be further examined and modified.

"This is a day for the people who are impacted by our legislative decisions: parents who care about their children's education, teachers who take pride in what they do and they are not allowed to do what they love to do right now and that is a shame," Hwang said. 

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Thank you Tony, for your support and passion on this topic! This so desperately needs to be addressed to help our teachers, who are the ones who really should be driving our education system, not bureaucracy and administration.