Jobless Rate Remains Steady At 8% In Connecticut

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Connecticut added 1,000 jobs in May and lower Fairfield County saw job growth, but the state's unemployment rate remained at 8 percent, according to statistics released last week by the state Department of Labor. 

The Stamford-Norwalk area showed the largest job growth in the state, while the Danbury area saw a small decline, according to the statistics. 

Connecticut has now gained jobs in four of the first five months of 2013, losing jobs only during the very snowy February.

The state’s unemployment rate has held steady at 8.0 percent for four consecutive months and down four-tenths of a percentage point from May 2012, when it was 8.4 percent. The national unemployment rate is currently 7.6 percent.

“With the exception of a storm-impacted February, Connecticut has been experiencing consistent job growth so far this year,” said Andy Condon, director of the Office of Research. “The upward turn in labor force participation, after 35 straight months of decline, may indicate increased confidence in labor market conditions. However, there are still headwinds ahead. Federal budget sequester cuts could hinder employment growth possibilities throughout the rest of 2013.”

Three of the six major Connecticut Labor Market Areas posted job gains this May while three showed losses. The New Haven LMA added 1,800 jobs. The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk LMA, with 1,500 jobs, provided the most job growth. The Waterbury LMA with 100 jobs exhibited just a small increase. 

The Norwich-New London LMA lost 2,100 jobs, the largest decline. The Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford LMA lost 800 jobs and the Danbury LMA lost 100 jobs.

Connecticut has recovered 58,600 positions or 48.3 percent of the 121,200 jobs that were lost in the state in the March 2008 to February 2010 employment downturn.

The state’s unemployment rate has not been this low since April 2009, when it was 7.9 percent. 

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Actually any company with under 50 employees is not hiring due to Obamacare.

That is when the rules change that punish business owners. Unless you are in the union, they are exempt and oddly enough pay a TON of $ to obama...

I think that once better politicians are elected they will give tax breaks to corporations and actually help them to hire employees. The problem we have now is the democrats want more taxes, while the republicans want more tax payers.

Look at how well TX is doing, and how they are doing the opposite of the tax and spend states.

As for lack of skills, Norwalk has more office type jobs. I think if "Piage" was referring to a manual labor type of position, she should consider other areas of CT to find employment.
Fairfield county has a ton of money, you are either going to get in and get a piece or you are going to be struggling working for the people that have it.

Tons of opportunity, just have to take it.

The one thing they failed to point out is that most of the unemployed do not have marketable skills for the 21st century. The fact of the matter is many 21st century industries are begging for skilled help. We have many that waste time complaining on this site when they should be out learning some marketable skills.. Wait you will see them post.

Then what accounts for the difference in unemployment rates by state? CT is 8%. West Virginia is 6.2%. Vermont is 4.1%. California is 8.6%. It's not new industry vs old but the match between business and residents. Do skilled workers that CT needs choose to live elsewhere or does CT just not have enough business to employ those who already live here?