Kupchick Says ‘No’ To Judicial Appointments As Pension Protest

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State Rep. Brenda Kupchik
State Rep. Brenda Kupchik Photo Credit: File Photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- State Rep. Brenda Kupchik (R-132) of Fairfield is not supporting nominations for Timothy Bates and Anthony Avallone as Superior Court judges. 

Kupchick voted against the two to be judges of the Superior Court "due to flaws in the current judicial selection system used in Connecticut," according to a press release. Once confirmed by the House and Senate, appointees Bates and Avallone would start their judicial careers at the age 66, entitling them to collect full pensions once they reach the mandatory retirement age of 70, according to the release from Kupchick. 

“We should reform a system that gives gold-plated pensions (most people in Connecticut can only dream about) after less than four years on the state bench. Serving less than the normal eight year term, the legislature is not even able to evaluate his judicial performance and tenure before he starts collecting his pension," Kupchik said. "My votes are meant to send a message this flawed state pension system must be fixed and are not meant to be a reflection of the nominee's qualifications. Connecticut is facing deficits and a serious long term financial crisis. The legislature should not be handing out lavish pensions.”

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Comments (3)

Great news. At last we have someone standing up against state employee pension rip offs. We could get rid of .10% of these deadbeats if the state was managed properly,but that will never happen while we have a union butt boy and his liberal cronies running this state.(into the ground,I might add).