Sen. Chris Murphy Asks FBI To Sound Alarm On Phone Scam In Connecticut

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Sen. Chris Murphy has requested the FBI notify citizens of a phone scam that has been plaguing Connecticut.
Sen. Chris Murphy has requested the FBI notify citizens of a phone scam that has been plaguing Connecticut. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, recently sent a letter asking the FBI to immediately alert the public about a telephone scam occurring in Fairfield County. The full text is below.

Dear FBI Director James Comey,

I am writing to request your agency use the tools at your disposal to alert the public about an ongoing telephone scam that is occurring in Connecticut and possibly elsewhere.

Current media reports and reports from citizens in Connecticut who have contacted my office describe a telephone call they received where the perpetrator claims that a family member of the intended victim has been involved in an accident and is being held hostage until the caller receives money.

Several Connecticut residents have fallen victim to this fraud, even though local police have been active in trying to protect the community from this type of crime. In one instance, local police have alerted providers of money wiring services, like Western Union, to be on the lookout for this type of suspicious situation.

As reports of this telephone scam continue to come in from all over the state of Connecticut, I am requesting that your agency devote appropriate resources to helping Connecticut’s local law enforcement agencies alert their communities about this criminal activity and locate the perpetrators.

Specifically, as a first step, I ask that you publish the details of this fraud using the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) network so that state and local entities in Connecticut and around the country can be on the lookout.

Connecticut’s working families, immigrant communities and senior citizens appear to be the targets of this insidious activity, and our state’s law enforcement could use any help that you might be able to provide in seeing that no more Connecticut residents are tricked out of their hard-earned money.


Christopher S. Murphy

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Comments (15)

The GREATEST FRAUD is YOU !!!!!!!!!! Murphy !!!

Thanks Chris dor all you do for Ct.. You have my vote.. Just ignore the posts from the right wing wackos as we all do. They have mental illness.

He's a clown.

Grand standing AGAIN MURPHY ------HSVE YOU PAID YOU TAXES YET ????? Do Something stop BS ing !!!!

Good move Chris,didn't your State reps the three stooges tell you its been going on in Norwalk for over a year.Must be hard to find things to do when you have been out of touch.We notice Blumey has a lot to say about everything that effects us any chance of you talking on the way back to Ct?Suppose a fund raiser before any office hours will happen back here in Ct see what you can do to help us out and back Blumey on the issues I'm sure he would like the support and maybe find an issue you can grasp and run with.We need help in Ct don't promise just deliver its what we expected not this crap subject that has been on going for a year.

When my mother was in her mid-90's, I once overheard her on the phone talking to a scam artist who had called her. He response was, "I am old, not stupid."

Direct Mail Systems, a Pinellas County direct mail and printing company that has played a prominent role in Florida politics for decades, confirmed Monday that it is cooperating with the FBI in a criminal investigation of legislators in Connecticut.

The chief of staff for the House Republican caucus in Connecticut, George Gallo, resigned Thursday amid a federal investigation into whether GOP legislative candidates there were pressured to use the company for their campaign mailings to constituents and voters, according to the Hartford Courant newspaper. Direct Mail Systems has earned as much as $2 million from Connecticut legislators' campaigns since 2008.

Gallo resigned from his $150,000-a-year state job after acknowledging that he was a person of interest in the federal probe. At least four FBI agents set up shop last week in Connecticut's Legislative Office Building and questioned lawmakers whose campaigns had hired the company in recent years, the Courant reported.

Dolts like Murphy should be seen and not heard.How about investigating the corrupt,Democrat controlled F.C.C.,I.R.S,and E.P.A.? Pigs will fly before that happens.

Reports: FBI Investigating House Republicans Relationship with Direct Mail Company

The Chief of Staff for House Republicans George Gallo resigned abruptly Thursday, admitting he was a person of interest in a federal probe into Republican legislators using the services of a direct mail company in Florida, multiple media outlets reported. The FBI appears to be investigating whether candidates were steered to use the firm Direct Mail Systems, and if there were any kickbacks.

In a statement, House minority leader Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk, said he and other lawmakers were cooperating fully with the investigation.

Here’s what has been reported so far:

- Kevin Rennie’s Daily Ructions Blog first broke news of the FBI investigation and subpoena of republican leaders. Gallo apparently resigned later that day.

- CT News Junkie Reports Republican leaders have spent nearly $2 million with Direct Mail Systems since 2008.

- Connecticut Post reports that about $26,000 was returned for House Republicans for “overpayments.”

- Gallo was head of the Republican Party from 2005 to 2007 and operates Vinco Group.

- Federal agents met with general assembly leaders at noon in the legislative office building, according to the Connecticut Post.

- At least four FBI agents were set up inside a room in the House Republican’s suite, the Hartford Courant reports, and members of the house Republican office, house republican campaign committee and general assembly’s office of legislative management were subpoenas.

This guys hilarious, he can't do his own job so keeps busy with things he's not needed for. The real issue is that Connecticut’s working families, immigrant communities and senior citizens appear to be the targets of overzealous democrat taxation and horrific spending habits. This gentleman & his cohorts rob us blind day in & day out without batting an eye. They have killed the profitability of CT and turned us into a money pit with little hope of recovery short of drastic overhaul to almost every facet of how our state & country are run.

Get back on your meds

Most if not all of these phone scams are the acts of the Republicans

I agree noreally as we have seen this from the republicans time and again

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