See Fairfield's Recent Home Sales

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This College Place condominium sold for $872,000 last week, making it one of the highest-valued home sales in Fairfield for the week. Photo Credit: Town Records

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Here’s a list of the paid residential property sales in Fairfield for the week of Jan. 14-18, as reported to the Fairfield Town Clerk’s Office:

▪ Jeremiah Crowley sold 111 College Place to Frank A. Fuvdyna, Jr. for $872,000.

▪ Danny Chen and Yunqi Ni sold 44 Rosemere Ave. to Brookfield Relocation Inc. for $501,500.

▪ Evelyn Rusnak sold 94 Mortiz Place to Nicole Butcaris for $237,500.

▪ Marshall D. and Leslie Ann Adams sold 68 Myren St. to Oscar Leal for $575,000.

▪ Joan Bolger sold 63 Fox St. to Love Where You Live Homes LLC for $380,000.

▪ The Estate of Jennie H. Poidomani sold 539 Jennings Road to Ernest Ursini for $325,000.

▪ Kimberly L. Mills sold 118 Warren Ave. to Hilda Johnson for $300,000.

▪ John and Timothy Philbin sold 30 Carroll Road to Craig and Nicole D. Natali for $1,030,000.

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