Fairfield's Sacred Heart Professor Receives Fulbright Junior Research Award

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Sacred Heart Professor Robin Danzak was awarded a Fulbright Junior Research Award recently. Photo Credit: Courtesy Sacred Heart University

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Professor Robin Danzak, of Fairfield's Sacred Heart University’s Department of Speech-Language Pathology, was recently awarded a Fulbright Junior Research Award.

The research-based award is one of the core Fulbright Scholar awards for recipients in the early stages of their careers. Danzak, who earned a doctorate degree in 2009, will be sent to Italy to work at the University of Padua for four months where she will conduct a research project on the bilingual writing of Italian middle school students who are studying English.

“Now that the idea of having a Fulbright is a reality, I am so excited to actually go to Italy and collaborate on this project," Danzak said in a statement. "The University of Padua is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe.”

Danzak’s research proposal demonstrated the strong characteristics of timeliness, comprehensiveness and innovation that are needed to be considered to be named a cultural ambassador and scholar in the Fulbright program.

Danzak will be partnering with her collaborator, Barbara Arfe, at the University of Padua. They will analyze bilingual students’ writing and conduct research on a psychological and socio-cultural level. 

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